CSI: 6×24 – Way To Go

I painfully wrapped Season 6 of CSI. Even if we ignore the OOC Grissom and OOC Sara and all the shippy moments, it was still painfully weak. Having to have Brass flatline twice, a man wearing a corset and a man who wanted to kill himself because he was diabetic to make it drama was just so weak it hurt. The cases were definitely a mid-season type case. I have to say, definitely was not a big fan of Sofia when she joined in Season 5 but throughout Season 6 as a detective she’s grown on me and I never thought I would say this but I would actually prefer it if she and Grissom had a thing rather than Grissom and Sara because at least Grissom/Sofia have chemistry and makes it more believable since he’s actually asked her to dinner before and not turned her down consistently.

Good things about the finale …. well, not a lot. The return of Ellie was a smart move as it added dynamic and some sort of much needed interest. Also liked Sofia’s concern for Brass, after all they’ve been through a lot together early on in the season. Nick/Warrick banter about the prostitute, Nick/Grissom about the head, Hodges/Nick moment, Catherine’s witty remarks. But that’s pushing it because there’s usually a lot of the above in every episode so nothing special to make it a finale.

Bad things. Top of the list would be the forced Grissom/Sara moments of which there were several as if they were trying to force all the moments which should have been spread over 6 years into one episode to justify the sleeping together. The whole dual with the cameras was so cheesy and pathetic and SO OOC for Grissom it hurt. (More a Nick/Sara, Greg moment). And then the lame ending. I’m sorry but even if I were a GSR shipper, I would be disappointed with the lame way they got together and the ending …. Whoever tries to call that a cliffhanger needs a head check. And it was lame lame lame lame even if I could stand the pairing. For instance I would rather not take any shippy moments than have such a forced ending to a season if it was with a couple I liked. Onto other things …. lack of Greggo in the episode, the fact that I thought we were going to have more scenes of Warrick with his wife, complete lack of Grissom/Catherine interaction. (I don’t count them standing watching Brass as interaction.)

As much as I love Sara with Nick, Sara can’t carry the show. As much as people say Grissom IS the show, I think it’s his interaction with Catherine/Nick/Greg/Hodges/Brass/Sofia that carries the show (in this season anyway). So when you have Grissom and Sara as the main focus of the show it will die. Catherine does the drama well which is why so many episodes have been character focussed around her and when that doesn’t happen for awhile, it shows.

It’s going to scrape through Season 7 and unless the writers get a grip it’s going to end in Season 7. Billy Petersen leaving might actually give the show a chance to revive itself with a new focus for Season 8.

I’d already resigned myself to the fact that Catherine/Warrick is going to happen eventually (I had hardly noticed the ‘chemistry’ until 6.01 but at least in that episode, the groundwork was laid.) but that might never even get a chance now with GSR cos surely the writers don’t want to kill the show by making it all about the relationships (after 6 years of nothing.)
I really don’t want to see CSI die off after it’s done such a lot for TV so I hope Season 7 is nothing like parts of Season 6 (notably the finale).

CSI doesn’t need to do big finales. Season 5 worked because it had plot and substance but it seems they made a half hearted attempt with Season 6 because they felt they had to and it just fell flat.


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