CSI: 7×15 – Law Of Gravity

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing against Grissom. Most of the time. After all I ship him. With Catherine. But as far as I’m concerned, the past four episodes where he has been absent have been the BEST since Season 3 (or parts of Season 5 at a push). I mean KEPPLER. He was intriguing and interesting and the past 4 episodes have had him and Catherine sharing the largest chunk of screentime which couldn’t make me happier since Catherine is the only character in the show that I really truly care about anymore. Oh and Archie because he’s adorable. And actually though I hated her inclusion at the beginning, I’m turning into a big Sofia fan as well. And of course Wendy had her biggest part yet in this episode!

Anyway, I digress. The last few episodes with Keppler and Catherine playing the biggest roles were among the best of the season in my opinion. I think the writers outdid themselves trying to compensate for the loss of Grissom and it really paid off. Amazingly so. And I love Catherine playing a big part but not in the ‘let’s have her kidnapped, possibly raped, involved in a car crash, have her daughter kidnapped, have her father die in her arms’ kind of way.

Onto the episode …….I can’t believe they killed Keppler!!! I think I was more upset than if they killed Grissom off which shows that there’s something seriously wrong there!

Poor Catherine! If I thought they gave her a hard time in previous seasons, they’re practically torturing her this season! Now they’ve gone and killed off the latest person whom she liked and trusted. I liked the fact that Keppler managed to shoot Frank to stop him shooting Catherine though. And I thought Grissom was a bit harsh to Catherine when she phoned to tell him that Keppler had phoned her and Gil was like ‘he’s not your priority’ and she was just like ‘I just wanted to tell you ….’ At least Grissom was there to pull her away from the ambulance when Keppler died. =(

So I think we established from this that I care about Catherine, Keppler (who’s dead), Archie, Sofia (surprisingly) and sometimes Grissom when he interacts with Catherine. Oh and I like Brass too! What about the rest? Warrick I’ve always been ambivalent about, Sara’s beginning to irritate me a bit, Greg’s just kind of there and Nick? I’m so disappointed in Nick! I used to be a massive Nick fan but these past few episodes he’s also beginning to annoy me too. Glah.

But yeah, ‘Law of Gravity’ = amazing episode. It just upsets me greatly that we won’t be having Mike Keppler pop into the lab now and again. *sigh*.

So I change my tune, if WP decides not to do CSI anymore then there could still be life in the show yet, especially if they make Catherine supervisor. In fact, it might even be better for the show!


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