Grey's Anatomy: 2×16 – It's The End Of The World & 2×17 – As We Know It

This cap makes them look like they’re actually kissing.  It’s quite disturbing.

Yes that is Cristina actually laughing.

I think the two different shower scenes at the beginning and end of the episode was a really clever idea.  You’ve got that opening scene to catch the viewer’s attention but then you have the stark contrast at the end.

Cristina’s supportive face.  Totally not believing Meredith’s feeling that she’s going to die today.

Quiet board.

The interns.

Bailey’s back!


One of my favourite scenes.  Cracks me up every time.  “How mid-century of you.”

Run Alex RUN!

“I did not just say that.”

Bring it on.

That’s it, you tell them Dylan!

Sexy sexy guy.

“You MORON!”

Love this moment.  You have that awesome Chris Martin track playing and then you just see Meredith and she’s whispering “What have I done?  What have I done?”

“OK, you know when you don’t need to be made fun of? Like when you have your hand inside a body that’s got a bomb in it and a stranger is Velcro-ing a flak jacket to your boobs.”  Meredith has some of the best quotes in this episode!

OTP.  Okay, it’s just me ……

Burke’s super-cool pose.

Izzie and her men.

Izzie having an inappropriate reaction to the thought that Meredith’s about to become a corpse.

Alex not being a jerk.

“… but I tend to be glass half-empty these days …”

Addison wants to kill George.



“I gave you sex in a linen closet.”

Cristina: “Meredith’s the girl with the bomb.”

Meredith’s freaking out face.

McDreamy’s McDreamy face.

Derek/Dylan hybrid.


“You did good.”

Anna Nalick rocks this whole sequence.  I became obsessed with ‘Breathe (2am)’.

Pink Mist.  R.I.P. Dylan.

Chief’s Wife: “That’s not the she he was asking for.”

She would blatantly have more cuts on her.

And I love the following three-in-a-bed moments because firstly you have the whole SERIOUSLY moments and then you have George saying “Does anyone want to have sex?” which totally foreshadows future episodes.


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