CSI: 8×07 – Goodbye and Good Luck

HUH. That’s IT?! That’s all she has to give to the man she’s supposedly loved for practically a DECADE and that she’s ENGAGED to and she just decides to skip town?! Okay so I think the writers wrote Sara brilliantly this episode especially with the domestic abuse case and that absolutely HORRID genius brat and […]

Without A Trace: 6×06 – Where and Why

Am I the only one who thought that the CSI/WAT crossover was the funniest thing in a long long time? Seriously there were so many moments where I was just cracking up mainly from the way Jack and Grissom play off of each other but also just …….. everything. Like when Jack is being all […]

CSI:NY: 4×07 – Commuted Sentences

Imagine my joy to have a CSI:NY episode which, despite the case being a bit flaky, contained just about every ship imaginable.  I mean seriously.  They were just pelting us with scenes – even scenes of ships that I don’t ship but I could see how shippers would be happy.  More specific ramblings under the […]