CSI:NY: 4×07 – Commuted Sentences

Imagine my joy to have a CSI:NY episode which, despite the case being a bit flaky, contained just about every ship imaginable.  I mean seriously.  They were just pelting us with scenes – even scenes of ships that I don’t ship but I could see how shippers would be happy.  More specific ramblings under the cut!

No that can’t be right ….. did TPTB just give us a cute Danny/Lindsay scene?!  Nope, I must be dreaming ……  Aside from the obvious it’s nice to see Lindsay a) out in the field and b) actually doing something and being proactive.

Mac/Stella just love them being on screen together even if it’s mainly just case work.  It’s a bit random but you know the whole hairspray/chemical names lines?  It was like a mirror of basically every episode of Bones with the Brennan and Zach and sometimes Hodgins being geeky and precise with scientific terms and Booth and Cam and sometimes Angela saying “You know you could just say jars/bones/whatever ….. ” Anyone else make that connection?  Okay just me ……

I don’t know how everyone else feels about the Flack/Angell scene but I loved it because I adore Flack and I usually ship characters I love that much but until now I haven’t found someone I can happily ship him with but this scene was cute and funny and I hope we get more Flack/Angell scenes which I guess isn’t very likely since most of the time they’ll be working different cases.

Adam/Kendall is something I don’t … get.  I don’t feel it and Adam’s awkwardness is kinda … awkward and Kendall seems like someone I wouldn’t like very much if I knew her in real life.  I dunno, maybe she’ll grown on me.

Case-wise ……The thing about when they try to link up two cases which start off being unrelated is the way they’re connected is often rather shaky or just a bit too unbelievable.  So it started off with the rape victim being accused of murdering her rapist who got let off.  Obviously you know she didn’t do it from the start but hasn’t this plot line been used several times before?  Maybe not in CSI:NY but I’m pretty sure I’ve watched a case based on this in some crime show or another.  I love Flack in his flak jacket (get it?  … hehe … he) though.
Incidentally I also like how it’s not like CSI when Catherine goes through a whole lot of shit and she’s as right as rain ever after and they don’t refer back to it but here I loved how now and again they refer back to what Stella’s been through and how that gives her a different perspective on the case.

But the continuity bothers me.  It’s like Stella’s would-be boyfriend and Mac’s stalker is thrust on us in the first few episodes and then it’s like yeah, whatever, they don’t exist any more and then all of a sudden it’ll be *major drama* alert when they reappear.


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