Without A Trace: 6×06 – Where and Why

Am I the only one who thought that the CSI/WAT crossover was the funniest thing in a long long time?

Seriously there were so many moments where I was just cracking up mainly from the way Jack and Grissom play off of each other but also just …….. everything.

Like when Jack is being all FBI and control freak like to Jack when he’s talking to the CSIs and Catherine just raises her eyebrows and gives the look.

And the Jack/Grissom/Sara scene in Grissom’s office.  I laughed so hard I actually almost cried.   Yes yes there was a moment I’d joked about long ago whereby Jack tries to pass on his infinite wisdom about screwing a work colleague to the slightly perturbed Grissom.

And then the Jack/Grissom/Elena moment in New York and Grissom just gives Jack the look saying ‘Eh hehehe this must be the work relationship you were talking about ….”

But the jackpot with Grissom/Samantha.    Tears.  There were literal tears falling down my face.  The only thing better than this would be if there was a Grissom/Samantha/Jack scene.

I know this was meant to be a deadly serious case with a lot of murders which gives the writers the opportunity to show Sara’s faith in her job breaking etc. (which by the way Grissom shouldn’t have looked so disturbed by because surely he must have known how she was feeling before now?!) but honest to god I could not stop laughing.  There were scenes in which I would have sworn I was watching some kind of DVD extra where Billy Petersen and Anthony LaPaglia kind of spoof it up to parody the crime show genre and the FBI/Police strained relationship.

Seriously though the case was weak and didn’t draw me in at all (which is a shame because I watched WAT’s previous episode and almost passed out by how shockingly good it was and I even kind of liked the Sam-being-pregnant moments although imho when Martin and Samantha were in the car together she should have just blurted out that she was pregnant to him ……) ANYWAY going off on a tangent there … yeah the case wasn’t great and the fact that they had to stretch it out over two hours only made it weaker.

But the moments!  The moments = pure gold!


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