Criminal Minds: 3×14 – Damaged

Rossi-centric episode! I feel that he’s probably the most developed as a character. We were certainly given a lot of insight into aspects of his character very early on. As backstories go, I did enjoy this one, even if the resolution was a bit simple for such an important case in Rossi’s life. Rossi waking up in bed like that was a bit comic though.

Rossi/Garcia – LOL, JJ/Garcia … haha! JJ’s sarcasm and the way she says “Sit” to Garcia! ❤ Reid/Hotch’s prisoner interview … scary! The case is so sad. I do actually feel sorry for the Lenny perp, mainly because of his father and his speech about how he makes him remember what he did every year. Liked the children of the victims as well.

Love the song playing at the end …. oh and the final scene when the team walks back into the BAU and Garcia’s boyfriend, Kevin, is waiting in Rossi’s office and JJ’s face oh and Prentiss and Morgan’s reactions …. LMAO JJ “Garcia and Kevin sitting in a tree” and how Reid doesn’t understand what JJ’s song meant … and Prentiss trying to explain it to him! Haha! One of my favourite scenes.


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