CSI:NY: 4×19 – Personal Foul

Oh CSI:NY you have restored my faith somewhat.

I mean obviously I’m still going to resent you for the rest of time for THAT storyline no matter how it may be resolved in the future but in terms of having to accept that it all wasn’t all a nightmare and that TPTB did do that to us and just having to deal with it then you know, it could be worse.

And I’m not just talking about DL.  After ‘Like Water For Murder’ I was pretty much despairing of the show as a whole (I don’t think I blogged about that episode so let’s just say there was a long list of issues I have with that episode #1 being ANOTHER woman for Mac.  Seriously?! Also Lindsay: FOCUS!  He’s not worth it.).  Then last night I watched ‘Admissions’ which I had been putting off thinking it was going to be as bad.  It wasn’t, it was neutral.  Liked the use of Gerrard.  I also like the scene with Lindsay/Gerrard’s daughter and the Lindsay/Mac working together as I see it as continuity from the previous episode.

Onto this week’s episode ……..

I just have to say Lindsay and Flack have some of the best facial expressions,  especially in the scene when they’re interviewing the suspect.

Oh and the fact that LINDSAY ROCKED.

Her shooting Danny down several times made me SO DAMN HAPPY and just the way she did it and Anna’s acting and …… glah.  I love her.  “Honestly?  I don’t know.”

– I hope that Rikki leaving for good (and I’m sure the writers have to have enough sense for this to be a definite end of that whole storyline) doesn’t mean that Danny feels like he doesn’t have to come clean about the whole thing to Lindsay.  If I see them getting back together and she still doesn’t know then <insert abuse here>

– Thumbs up to the Lindsay/Flack/Danny scenes/working together etc.  They have a great dynamic and play off each other well.  LOL at the disapproving look Lindsay gives the guys when she’s with the cheerleaders.  She can’t see them but she just knows that they’re watching and leering at the girls.  Haha.

– But I disapprove of Flack’s “You should piss Lindsay off more often.”  He might not know exactly what’s going on and what Danny did but he must have some idea and he should be giving Danny a kick up the backside not joking about it.

– The whole fat cheerleader thing was so ridiculous it was funny.  (Also obvious.  As soon as I saw the photo I knew it was going to be her) and the whole interview just underlined the point like the writers were poking fun at themselves, knowing it was kinda stupid.

– I love the whole walking in the rain idea.  Don’t know why, it just seems very Lindsay.

– Oddly enough I’m choosing to ignore the whole phone call itself.  Okay the Lindsay part of it I liked but I have such an intense dislike for Danny that I still just wanted to slap him – like how DARE him even say those things to her knowing what he’s done.  Ugh.  Points for the goofy photo of him coming up on her phone though.

– And yes in case you’re wondering I am pushing for a Danny/Lindsay break up (proper.  Who know what they’re doing now is called).  I think it needs to happen otherwise there’s just going to be a nagging feeling of ‘What happens when Lindsay finds out about Rikki’ always there.  I can handle them being apart and then maybe towards the end of Season 5 / whenever having another go at it.  You might think this is really weird coming from a hardcore DL shipper but I think I’ll respect Lindsay more for walking away no matter how hard it is and then it’ll give Danny a chance to stop being a selfish twit.  Plus did I mention I don’t like Danny?!

– Really why do characters always do this?  A massive sign saying the station’s not going to be open for months and you still try to open the locked doors?!  Some points do not have to be emphasised.  I think the audience can interpret what this means thanks.

– I liked the interplay of the Lindsay-cab / Reed-cab thing.  Anyone think that it would be a good thing for Lindsay to have been the taxi-cab’s victim?  It’d certainly give Danny a wake up call.  Too fanfiction? (Also possibly contradicting with my point of wanting them to be apart but eh….)  I know it works equally well for the Mac/Reed relationship though.

– Talking of the whole serial killer taxi cab thing.  I wasn’t fond of the idea at the beginning.  A procedural crime drama should only have a certain number of multi-episode story arcs / season and especially since this is a shortened season it seems this is just one too many BUT this episode has won me over. Kinda.  As long as they resolve it well.

– Ahh Reed.  You’ll forever be “My name is Cassidy.”  LOL.  Anyway, TPTB get points for not bringing up Mac’s wife’s son and then pretending like he doesn’t exist any more.  They’ve managed to characterise him really well in the short scenes he’s gotten in the past couple of episodes and it’s an interesting way to bring him back.

– The Mac/Stella scene and the confidence that Stella has in him and the team and the way she tries to restore his faith… and the way her voice catches when she says “we have to.” ……… love.

– And it actually seemed that Hawkes did something for once.  Don’t know why since he didn’t do anything he doesn’t usually do but I think the absence of Adam meant he got more screen time and I dunno, it’s a good thing.

Angell.  Flack.  Scenes together next week.  Woot.


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