Bones: 3×15 – The Pain In The Heart

“Oh gosh it’s the end of the season and we’ve got to wrap up the Gormogon pointless arc. I know let’s make one of the lead characters the apprentice and shock the audience. Yes let’s do that without an sort of set-up or decent explanation as to why because oh audience are so stupid they will buy anything.” Why couldn’t Sweets have been the apprentice? Yeah he provides funny moments but as a series regular I just want to throw rotten fruit at him.

HH said the reason why they chose Zack was because they couldn’t do anything more with his character or whatever. Oh please. Has he watched like any other TV series in existence who have characters that don’t do anything for multiple seasons.

Even the Booth/Brennan relationship which is obviously key to me watching the show is getting meh. The bathroom scene was obviously done to balance the angst but it was ridiculous. Ridiculous. And their ‘hidden feelings’ are getting dragged out so much it’s just unrealistic and boring. I mean okay if they were both still in denial etc. I can take them plodding along skirting round the subject but now they brought in Sweets who practically raises the issue every time he can, surely they have to confront and deal with it in some way.

The funeral at the start also served no purpose. Obviously Booth wasn’t dead but I could have accepted the set-up if it turned out that the guy he lured out actually, you know, did something/was the focus of the case/episode etc.

A positive thing ….. I loved Cam in this episode. In fact Cam may be my second favourite character after Angela. Never thought I’d be saying that.

Erm, yeah. I know you can’t really tell from this but I AM ENRAGED AND VIOLENTLY DISAPPOINTED in this Bones finale. I mean, yes okay, after CSI:NY I’ve sort of accepted that TPTB just love to completely ruin characters and make them do stuff that they really wouldn’t ever do but at least CSI:NY manages to wrap up serial story lines relatively well. I mean YOU REALLY EXPECT US TO ACCEPT THAT THIS IS A PLAUSIBLE OUTCOME TO THE WHOLE GORMOGON THING?! I mean obviously when watching TV you have to be able to embrace coincidences and expand the boundaries of reality but SERIOUSLY?! This was an absolutely rubbish plot resolution. Not only is it not remotely believable or logical but it’s just rubbish. I thought the whole serial cannibal killer storyline was not a good idea at the beginning but I never thought it would end up being THIS BAD.


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