House, MD: 4×16 – Wilson's Heart

I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I did enjoy it. It was epic. Depressing. Probably OTT (and you know I don’t agree with shows going crazy and OTT in their finales just to end the season with a bang, mainly for health and safety reasons.) but good in that I was gripped and it does leave issues which have to be dealt in the next season without ending it on a cliffhanger exactly.

At least 13 seems to be getting some characterization.

Oh Wilson. You’re my favourite character and I usually find it hard to sympathise with House but I really did in this episode because I can’t believe you asked him to do a procedure that could have killed him. On the other hand I totally understand why you obviously blame him for Amber’s death.

I think they definitely got the emotions and audience reaction that they were looking for. I was definitely hooked which is not something I’ve been able to say a lot this season.


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