CSI:NY: 5×06 – Enough

Wow was it just me or were ALL the characters really snarky and sarcastic in this episode?!  It’s like TPTB made a huge list of quips and then doled them out so every character suddenly became infused with sarcasm.

I loved Det. Angell’s lines at the start of this episode where she starts off by giving a false bio of the victim leading Danny to just stare at her and then again where she has the gun but doesn’t just come out and says it, instead drawing Danny into this whole word game.

ANYWAY moving on from linguistic analysis …….. The one comment that did make me cringe was Lindsay’s ‘bad sex’ quip and the way Stella smiled made me wonder if she was wondering whether she was talking about Danny (wow overload of pronouns in that sentence …).  I don’t know, maybe I just prefer thinking of Season 2 / 3 innocent Lindsay where she didn’t openly talk about her sex life and spray on condoms.  Lol.

You know I love the whole ‘gosh let’s emphasise the fact that the team is a family’ scenes so the last scene where they all give up their holidays was nice.  I did at first think that they were inferring a Danny/Lindsay moment when Danny walked in followed by Lindsay and Mac had that grin on his face.  Then Hawkes came in and I made myself stop thinking along those lines!  The Mac/Stella shipper in me loved the little moment right at the end contrasting with earlier where he snaps at her and she tries to make him see sense about Adam – then of course she goes and rounds up the troops so Mac can get what he wants as well.  “Well, you’re a good friend Stella Bonasera.”  “And don’t you forget it.”  Awwh.

The case itself was okay.  I love how when Mac went to see the witness they were basically signposting that you were meant to think it was her brothers.  I didn’t see the twist coming but then again I find it hard to believe that 3 well paid lawyers, even if they have a conscience, would be motivated to commit murder because one witness got her face cut up.  I could possibly believe it if it was just one man and he just got sick and tired of defending scumbags (change your career then!) but him managing to convince the other two to put their whole life on the line?

More general stuff ………

Despite there being an obvious lack of a certain ship, this season is shaping up to be rather okay – the highlight being of course the Flack/Lindsay/Doll scene.  In the first 6 episodes we can tick off !Macdrama, !Stelladrama, !Siddrama, !Adamdrama and minor !Hawkesdrama and !Flackdrama (his sister).  Therefore we must surely be getting to some Lindsay-esque stuff.  Surely. (And yeah don’t even want to contemplate any more !Dannydrama until at least Season 10 when maybe there’s some new people sitting in the writers’ room ………

I am scared at the lack of the Danny/Lindsay-ness basically because it means IT is going to be sprung on us seemingly out of nowhere and no one likes that.  We like to believe their relationship is progressing organically (Ha!) and I fear that IT just getting shoved in there reads like ‘if your supposed boyfriend gets a child killed and consequently cheats on you, get pregnant and he will become a nice human being again.’   Plus it seriously bugs me that it’s vague as to whether Lindsay knows how bad Danny actually was.

And finally a paragraph devoted to Jessica Angell and her awesomeness.  I know a lot of DL fans don’t like her or the Flack/Angell because DL should we getting the shippy scenes / too many ships on the show makes it get even MORE soap-opera like.  That’s why I am concerned at the hints that TPTB are obviously going to make them ‘act on their chemistry’.  I have mixed feelings.  I love them together mainly because I adore Flack and it’s unusual for me to love a character so much and not ship them with someone.  Angell plays out that role nicely.  I love the flirting but we all know that as soon as we get canon it all goes downhill from there.  (Although hopefully because she’s not a main character they could have it happen and then not deal with it for ages and then fanfiction can make me happy.)

I mean really for me the Flack/Angell alone (and Mac’s 333 storyline because, yeah, I love cute Mac/Stella friendship scenes) made Season 4 bearable and it was also a nice surprise because it came out of nowhere.  I barely registered her existence throughout the whole of Season 3 and you don’t really expect the two detectives to meet (although tangent:  other crime shows have led me to believe that homicide detectives do work in pairs and not alone.  Do the CSIs just have them work alone so it doesn’t detract the focus from the Crime Scene Investigators?) so it was like “Oh, wow … okay that’s cool.” whilst TPTB made the hopes for Danny/Lindsay fluff go up in smoke.
Anyway, bottom line is I’d be happy if the producers do what they were talking about and make Emmanuelle Vaugier a series regular, I am super excited about the next episode (or whatever episode those stills come from) but I’d also be equally happy if they never went down that route because I by far prefer my ships before they go canon (as proven time and time again).

Now having said all of that watch as Season 5 starts going back downhill after the 100th episode …….. :S


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