Criminal Minds: 4×24 – Amplification

Oooh I like this episode! I always thought that it made a better season finale than the actual season finale. I know the anthrax plot line is probably as cliché as the Season 3 “NYC terrorism” one but it had all the features for an epic season finale: national security, unpredictability, tension, Reid in danger, team love.

I love it when JJ calls Reid “Spence”. Love Prentiss’ doubts about how they’re handling the situation and the media blackout.

Awwh! JJ worried about Henry and her convo with Hotch. ❤ Reid/Morgan/anthrax. Garcia/JJ worried about Reid. Awwh Reid/Garcia/message to Reid’s mum <3. Reference back to Reid’s drug addiction!

“I’m about to get naked. Is that something you really want to see?” Rossi/Prentiss: “Don’t Emily me”. Again with the Subways playing an important part. Morgan: “We are a team. We’re going to go down as a team.” Rossi: “I’m sorry for Emilying you back at the house”. Awwh!

Nice Rossi/Prentiss moment – they’ve had quite a few this season. ❤ JJ and Hotch calling home, worried for their children. Reid/Morgan …. love how everyone, especially Morgan, calls Reid ‘kid’. That’s a real scary ass bio-chemical storage facility.


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