Greek: 2×22- At World's End

Oh, Greek. It’s been ages since I’ve talked about this show! I loved the whole Rusty/Jordan arc.

I have so much love for Ashleigh. She has some of the funniest lines in the show and she’s so cool and awesome and I wish I knew someone like her in real life. Plus she’s a fantastic friend to Casey, and as much as I love Casey with her flaws and all, I think she could be a better friend back sometimes. Second in line in terms of hilarity has to be !niceRebecca. I like her a lot more now. Reckon Evan/Rebecca’s going to happen at some point? I despised Evan much less this season, although the fact he’s turning into some sort of good guy scares me as I’m afraid they may go down the Evan/Casey route again next season which is not something anyone wants.

The greatest shock of all is that I may actually miss Frannie. It seems like they’ve neutralized all the “bad guys” in the show. Guess we’re going to have some new characters next season then.

Calvin, Dale, the KT guys …… all great, especially Wade. Lol.

And then Cappie/Casey ….. love love love love. Finally their roles are reversed. Can’t help but feel a little sorry for poor Max though.


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