In Plain Sight: 2×13 – Let's Get It Ahn

How awesome was this episode? I’d given up all hope of seeing any Marshall/Mary undertones but then THIS episode happened. I love the way Marshall found out Mary was engaged. I love the awkward scene in the diner. I love that fact that the engagement ring got stuck on his finger for the whole episode. […]

CSI:NY: 5×25 – Pay Up

It’s probably a good thing that I knew going into this that Angell was getting killed as without the proper mental preparation, the consequences could have been life-threatening.  She was one of my favourite characters and I really wish that they had killed off Adam and, even though I love Sid, I would still have […]

Brothers & Sisters: 3×24 – Mexico

For me, this season has definitely been lacking something.  I don’t know whether it’s the introduction of Ryan or the whole Tommy business or you know THE FACT THAT ROBERT AND KITTY ARE SEPARATING EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE JUST MARRIED AND HAD A BABY FOR LIKE ONE HOUR BEFORE THINGS WENT AWRY (little bit annoyed with that, can you tell?) but I feel it’s definitely been […]