Brothers & Sisters: 3×24 – Mexico

For me, this season has definitely been lacking something.  I don’t know whether it’s the introduction of Ryan or the whole Tommy business or you know THE FACT THAT ROBERT AND KITTY ARE SEPARATING EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE JUST MARRIED AND HAD A BABY FOR LIKE ONE HOUR BEFORE THINGS WENT AWRY (little bit annoyed with that, can you tell?) but I feel it’s definitely been of a different standard to Season 1 and parts of Season 2.  Therefore, I hadn’t watched the last 6 or so episodes because frankly I was a little scared.  Anyway, I finally made my way through them and was relieved to find that there were still some hilarious moments mixed in there with the Angst (most of the humour provided, as always, by Sarah and Nora).

Onto the finale …. much better than most of the rest of the second half of this season.  I still absolutely hate what they’ve done with the Robert/Kitty storyline but at least they didn’t end the episode with the really angsty run to the helicopter.  Although I don’t like Tommy, I like that they’ve all made their peace with him and I may even miss him.  A bit.  As usual, the whole phone conversations were amusing, especially about the whole ‘cult’ thing.  I’m a bit ambivalent about Justin/Rebecca on the whole.  I’m happy when they’re happy and just wish they would stay together because the whole on-off-on thing is getting a bit old.  Something else that’s getting a bit old is Ryan.  Oh dear, I thought that we were finally going to be rid of him but then Saul has to go and try to resolve his guilty conscience.  Meh.

Hands down my favourite moment of the finale has to be when they were all in the retreat place having lunch and trying to have a conversation in silence.  When Sarah made the ‘gun to her head’ sign I literally went into hysterics.  These funny family moments are what I watch the show for.  Coming in a close second is the opening scene when Nora walks into the Mexican bar – the parody there was brilliant.


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