CSI:NY: 5×25 – Pay Up

It’s probably a good thing that I knew going into this that Angell was getting killed as without the proper mental preparation, the consequences could have been life-threatening.  She was one of my favourite characters and I really wish that they had killed off Adam and, even though I love Sid, I would still have preferred it to be him than Angell (although a situation in which either Adam or Sid could have been killed would have been much harder to set up).  An upside to this is the fact that Flack/Angell never had the angst and if they hadn’t killed her off then no doubt next season she would have a mysterious past / Flack would cheat / she would get pregnant.  -_-  Better they ended it whilst the going was good and when/if I ever rewatch Seasons 4 + 5 I can look back on the shippiness with fondness.

Before I go into talking about the finale I would like to go off on a tangent about this show and mention a few things about Danny/Lindsay since they used to be what my fandom world revolved around…….:  I don’t agree with the circumstances around which Lindsay got pregnant, I will never ever be able to like/forgive Danny after what he did, Lindsay is too good for him but the fact that she got back with him so quickly means that the writers have forever ruined one of my favourite television characters for me, once a couple get married/have a baby (even under normal happy, fluffy circumstances) it tends to take the fun out of the ship for me.  It also probably doesn’t help that I don’t find babies cute or adorable.  Kittens, puppies, baby animals make me melt but baby people?  Not so much.

Having said all of that, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned 180 degrees and say that the whole DL situation has ruined it for me and that I’m going to stop watching the show.  Not at all.  I still enjoyed the fluffiness of Lindsay opening the door and finding Mac and Stella waiting for them with flowers at the courthouse, and the team gathered round her hospital bed looking dotingly at Lucy.  The moments themselves I enjoy, I just don’t agree with the arc the writers have taken with their relationship as a whole and I can’t be all flaily about them when I think of the moments in context.  I still maintain that if they just left more time in between the events of Season 4 and the whole fluffiness then maybe I would be a little more onboard.  Maybe.

Following on from that, I should say that there used to be four main things that used to make me love this show so much:  Danny/Lindsay, Flack/Angell, the cases.  The first two are obviously kaput (well, I’m still intrigued – no, more scared – about where DL is going to go but it’s definitely more in the background for me now) but perhaps what is more disappointing is the cases.  Either they’ve chosen really crappy plots for the cases or something’s gone wrong with the writing because they’re just not as good as they used to be.  I guess this comes out most obviously in the plots they’ve chosen for the multi-episode cases in the last season: the Greek coins and Dunbrook.  If I’m honest then I’ve found neither of them very gripping, especially when compared with Season 4’s 333 and taxi killer (although maybe it didn’t take much to shine in what was a very sucky season generally).

The last thing I love about the show (and perhaps going into Season 6, the only thing I’m excited about) is Mac and Stella’s friendship.  So yes, I did enjoy the resolution to the Greek coins case (though don’t get me started on how they’re totally stretching the realms of believability with jurisdiction issues), simply because of the whole Mac/Stella-ness of it.  If you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know which bits I’m referring to (basically the whole episode), so no need to expand.  Also, I did think it was nice to have a mention of Stella’s mother thrown in there.

And finally we make it onto the finale itself.  I actually don’t have much to say, especially since I want to pass over the Angell-getting-killed parts, and I’ve already mentioned that I don’t like the Dunbrook arc. …… no, wait I do need to say something about Angell.  Honestly, even the shippery side of my brain had no idea how serious Flack/Angell were until this episode and I did not expect so much of the episode to revolve around her.  That sounds weird considering she was the one who died but I didn’t expect to have Flack/!dead Angell scene or a Flack/Angell’s Dad scene.  Okay, that’s all I’m going to say about it.  In my happy place she is still alive and well thank you very much.
I don’t think I need to state that I don’t like Nelly / stunt-casting but him giving Flack the tip was a nice way to bring him back I guess.
Hurray for the Mac/Stella hug+kiss and the way he looks at her afterwards for 8 seconds (I counted it.  Yes I know he was actually thinking of Angell and feeling sad at that moment).

And now to speculate on the season premiere?  Who got shot / killed?
Unless Hill wants to leave the show I don’t think anyone will be killed.  It is possible that maybe no one is hurt at all, apart from cuts from shattered glass but that would be an extremely big anti-climax.  Maybe the bartender / someone else in the bar will be killed and it’ll turn out that the hit was nothing to do with the team afterall, but again there’s the anti-climax factor, even if I do see it as a possibility the writers will go down that road.  Was it Dunbrook that ordered the hit?
As to who gets hurt?  Someone might get shot but not seriously.  I mean we’ve just had the epic, tense rush to the hospital dying scene with Angell so would that be too repetitive for television?  Who knows these days?!  I think it’s too soon for Danny or Lindsay (although I guarantee the life-in-danger happening to one of them in Season 6.  I’m hoping Lindsay so Anna gets screentime but it’ll probably be Danny.  Might actually be Danny this time.  We’ve seen him be all reckless with his life even though he knew he was going to be a father so it would be ironic that he gets hurt when he’s just sitting in a bar …), I’d quite like it to be Stella for some Mac-worried moments but she’s already gotten hurt in Season 5 / had a major storyline.  Flack?  Season 2 was the last time he was on death’s door but I think it would be too ironic to have him shot a day after Angell (plus they already have his emotional angst to explore next season.  That is if they bother to follow up on that at all ….) Hawkes needs to have more screentime so maybe it’s him.  Adam?  *shrugs* It’s probably Mac, shot in the arm or something and we’ll have him refuse to take sick leave and hunt down the shooters with his arm in a sling or something.
However, if you try to throw logic into the mix and watch where they’re standing then it’s most likely that it’s Sid and/or Lindsay and/or Danny and/or Adam that get hurt.  If you include getting arteries slit by flying glass that I guess anyone’s fair game.  And also logically I guess more than one of them are hurt … hell, maybe they’re all injured.
Also, don’t think I need to say this but there is NO need to bring in a new recurring character.  Thanks.


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