In Plain Sight: 2×13 – Let's Get It Ahn

How awesome was this episode? I’d given up all hope of seeing any Marshall/Mary undertones but then THIS episode happened. I love the way Marshall found out Mary was engaged. I love the awkward scene in the diner. I love that fact that the engagement ring got stuck on his finger for the whole episode. I love that Eleanor thought that Marshall and Mary were engaged. I love Marshall and Mary’s reactions to this assumption. Most of all I love Marshall’s speech at the end and the look that Mary gives him in which she’s either suddenly realising his feelings for her or she’s just staring in wonder at the wonderful things he said.

As to the whole Raph/Mary thing I don’t know where they’re going to go with that? I have to admit the engagement episode was sweet but I honestly don’t know why Raph puts up with Mary being how she is, and yet I don’t particularly warm to him either although he’s clearly a very patient, sweet guy. I mean clearly there’s not going to be a happy-ever-after but will they actually start making wedding plans / tie the knot? Is Raph ever going to be out of the picture or are they going to be on/off/on/off/on? Is the Raph/Brandi going to happen? I suppose whilst I’m at it, I should mention something about the case: obviously I’ve watched countless episodes of TV where someone bad turns out to be a CIA Agent but I honestly didn’t think Ahn was. I thought that she was bad and in league with the North Koreans (the first scene being that she wanted to sell them Helen’s counterfeiting secrets or whatever) and had just been playing Helen all along, or that the North Koreans had somehow managed to enter all that false data into the system and used Ahn’s name to lure out the marshalls and track down Helen. Anyway that turned out to be a good twist for me. Good case, good Marshall/Mary stuff! Awesome.


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