In Plain Sight: 2×15 – Don't Cry for Me Albuquerque

What WAS that?! Quite possibly the worst episode this season and they have it as a finale? It’s not that it was just a rubbish episode, I kept feeling that I was missing the point of it …… I mean from the moment Mary got shot onwards I thought it was going to turn out to be a weird dream sequence or something.

For a start I had no empathy for the witness Mary was protecting and instead felt like punching her several times, the fact that anyone would allow her to live in that kind of neighbourhood is unbelievable, as is the fact that Mary decides to talk about her love life and point out her fiancé to a witness. Then the actual shooting …… usually that’s the melo-dramatic high point of an episode but not in this case: the whole rush to hospital scene took about two seconds, and didn’t let the viewers actually digest what had happened, which is why when Mary’s family etc. showed up the whole thing seemed even more fake than it usually does. The way the episode ended? Absolutely lousy. Nothing was explained, nothing resolved and yet it’s not even a cliffhanger. You’re simply left wondering whether you did in fact watch all that or whether you imagined it all.

Two good things about this episode: Marshall and the fact that they played my favourite Snow Patrol song ‘What if this storm ends?’ However, let’s just say that if this episode is an indication of the “new direction” the show is taking in Season 3 is anything like that I certainly won’t be watching!


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