CSI:NY: 6×01 – Epilogue

I can’t get over the Adam/Stella.  I don’t care if it was only for the briefest of seconds and that it might have been a one time thing induced by grief.  I don’t care if it is never mentioned again.  IT WAS STILL THERE.  ON MY SCREEN.  IN MY MIND. Seriously I am this close to just not putting myself through […]

Criminal Minds: 5×01 – Faceless, Nameless

Where to start?  Prentiss being awesome and being in total ~CRISIS~ mode throughout the whole episode.  Reid being awesome.  Garcia keeping it together after Emily tells her about Hotch.  Hotch/ex-wife.  Hotch/his son.  Seriously, can’t handle so many character-based moments in one CM episode.  Head might explode. Paget Brewster Hehe, the Hotch/Emily shippers must be having […]