Criminal Minds: 5×01 – Faceless, Nameless

Where to start?  Prentiss being awesome and being in total ~CRISIS~ mode throughout the whole episode.  Reid being awesome.  Garcia keeping it together after Emily tells her about Hotch.  Hotch/ex-wife.  Hotch/his son.  Seriously, can’t handle so many character-based moments in one CM episode.  Head might explode.

Paget Brewster

Hehe, the Hotch/Emily shippers must be having an absolute field day with this episode!  I’m glad that it wasn’t Rossi who found Hotch though since those two are always paired up for personal moments and it worked well with giving those two the end scene.

The imagery of the SWAT guy squashing one of Jack’s toy soldiers as they went upstairs.  OMG when they burst into the bedroom and scared Hayley!  I think I would have been just as shocked as she was if I’d just been standing there doing housework when armed men burst into my bedroom!

Reid!  Reid!  Why is it always Reid?!  Lol.  Nice way to write Matthew’s injury into canon.

Hayley/Hotch.  Hotch/Jack.  Awwwh.  Finally they follow up on that, especially since Season 1 was quite focussed on his family.

What’s up with Rossi/Joe’s left eye?

The case was okay, nothing special.  The Foyet arc is really creepy.  Like Hotch says, he’s not like other serial killers in that he can resist the urge to kill if he wants so now I’m really curious how the team are going to catch him, and I really hope Hotch’s family is okay.


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