CSI:NY: 6×01 – Epilogue

I can’t get over the Adam/Stella.  I don’t care if it was only for the briefest of seconds and that it might have been a one time thing induced by grief.  I don’t care if it is never mentioned again.  IT WAS STILL THERE.  ON MY SCREEN.  IN MY MIND.
Seriously I am this close to just not putting myself through the torture of being a fan of this show.  I mean gradually they’re tainting my characters with a big fat ugly red cross.  Adam for being Adam, Danny for the (yeah, we don’t need to go into that), Lindsay for taking Danny back so easy and now Stella.  Ew Ew Ew Ew EWWWWWWWWW.  And yes apparently they ‘dealt’ with it but honest to God if there isn’t a bigger follow-up or fallout then why do it in the first place???!! And then even if it is dealt with and filed away I still have to expect it being dug up at a later date and again with the waiting and cringing and OH DEAR GOD I CANNOT HANDLE THIS.  Quite frankly there is only one thing that can top this and that is if you tell me that Lindsay’s baby is in fact Mac’s.

Moving on ……I love the way they filmed the opening scene with the shattering of the glass and the spilling of the drinks in slow motion etc.

The whole case?  It had the whole feel of the cabbie killer with the FEAR and TERRORISING THE CITY.  And I don’t know why but somehow in my mind I always thought that the shooting would somehow be related to the finale’s case and Angell’s death etc.

The new girl? God she got annoying really quickly.  Ugh.  They killed off Angell and used the budget to hire her?  STILL yes yes let her take Adam’s job please.  If I had to choose between the two of them it would be no contest at the moment.

Also, I swear there weren’t that many people in the bar when the shooting happened in the finale?  Wasn’t it practically empty apart from the team.

Hawkes and the new EDNA gadget thingy?  Oh please.  Unnecessary flashy gadget thing.  See, I’m clearly gravitating to shows like The Mentalist and Castle where they solve the cases unorthodoxly and yet paradoxically with some old-fashioned police work.

Lindsay, I want to marry you.  Everything that came out of your mouth this episode was perfect.  Consider yourself redeemed.

I guess I should mention something about Flack but since the writers to glance over his grief in a blink of an eye I think I can too (I’m guessing some fallout in the next couple of episodes?).  If the writers wanted to have the ‘sex’ ingredient to make an explosive premiere, it would have made FAR more sense to have shown a bed scene (although I would have shaken my head sadly) with Flack in it RATHER THAN ADAM/STELLA.  Yes, we’re back to that.  You see, if there’s an aspect to a show that I really really can’t stand, I can’t content myself with just ignoring it and watching it solely for the Danny/Lindsay moments say, because now every time Stella’s on screen (which is a lot) I cringe.  Like with the Danny/Rikki, I will never be able to get over this.  CSI:NY you have had your three strikes (the only one I can comprehend why they felt the need to do it is the killing of Angell.  So maybe 2.5) and walking on very thin ice.  I am dangerously close to just YouTubing the DL moments.


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