Grey's Anatomy: 6×05 – Invasion

Can I just say how I recognised 3 out of the 4 Mercy West people?  The two girls were both on Everwood, the hot guy played The Hotness Monster on Greek (no, really, that’s what he’s credited as), and I swear that I’ve seen Charlie in something before but nothing’s jumping out.  Also, the woman who […]

The Office (US): 6×04 – Niagara

It was EPIC. I think this episode more than made up for the apathy I’ve been feeling both towards this show and towards Jim/Pam in the past season and a half.  I went into it not having spoiled at all apart from the fact it was Jim/Pam’s wedding, which is why I think I loved […]

The Mentalist: 2×03 – Red Badge

OMG. Seriously, Simon Baker move over because Robin Tunney should totally be the one up for all the award nominations next year. Favourite episode of television EVER. Or at least of a crime drama. There are no words. Actually there are plenty of words but trust me, there were no words until I had rewatched […]

CSI:NY: 6×03 – LAT 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58'W

If I were a writer of a crime show then I would probably install a rule:  No more than one murder per season to be committed by a psychotic killer or one who has a mental illness of some sort.  I’m aware than in reality, murders are probably more likely to be committed by those […]

The Mentalist: 2X02 – The Scarlet Letter

Once again this was an episode that had everything, and the sad thing is that I really wasn’t expecting it: Jane/Lisbon in mortal danger, Rigsby/Van Pelt, Cho/Rigsby “bromance”, Lisbon sticking up for Jane AGAIN and Minelli picking up on this and being his usual witty self …… I don’t even know where to start. The […]