The Mentalist: 2X02 – The Scarlet Letter

Once again this was an episode that had everything, and the sad thing is that I really wasn’t expecting it: Jane/Lisbon in mortal danger, Rigsby/Van Pelt, Cho/Rigsby “bromance”, Lisbon sticking up for Jane AGAIN and Minelli picking up on this and being his usual witty self ……

I don’t even know where to start. The knife-at-Jane’s-throat-Lisbon-handcuffing-herself-to-the-door scene was pretty awesome. Would have been better if they don’t use guest stars that I recognise and therefore know deep down that there’s probably more to that character than you first think. I felt for sure that they were going to use this moment as the trigger and that at the end of the episode you would see Lisbon go and see her therapist willingly. Maybe they’re saving that for the next episode.

The Lisbon/Minelli/Jane dynamic is one of my favourite things about the show. Loved how Minelli sees Lisbon slowly going over to “the dark side”, how he wants to just tell them off but can’t because they did solve the case, how Lisbon defends Jane even though afterwards she hates that she felt she had to do so……

Van Pelt was awesome in this episode. What was even funnier was that scene in the interrogation room was with the same actor who plays JJ’s boyfriend on Criminal Minds. Aww, Rigsby/Van Pelt/Cho …. Definitely want more scenes like this! Speaking of which, Cho you are awesome. Continuity points for bringing up that woman’s niece during the RJ case whilst still fleshing out Cho’s character to show that he has a personal life of sorts.


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