CSI:NY: 6×03 – LAT 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58'W

If I were a writer of a crime show then I would probably install a rule:  No more than one murder per season to be committed by a psychotic killer or one who has a mental illness of some sort.  I’m aware than in reality, murders are probably more likely to be committed by those sorts of people but really cold blooded murders are far more interesting to watch and solve.  Take last week’s Criminal Minds episode for instance, I had to wait 2/3rds of the episode until I was hooked, besides I thought they were playing that one too close to the “Lenny” finale episode.  So, yes psychotic killer can join the topoi of Halloween and religion episodes as being my least favourite as a general rule.

Hah, Ellis Island.  The place I was too lazy to get off the boat for (plus I was in need of a pretzel and Starbucks).

Hawkes and that stupid room full of the ridiculous technology.  Ack, why?!

Also, enough with the flashbacks already.  Was it me or were there more than usual in this episode?  The show’s only 42 minutes long, I think I am capable of following where you get these ideas from without being spoon-fed.  Then factor in the scenes told from the killers’ perspective, which I failed to find remotely interesting.

And enough with the “X Killer” and “Panicking the whole city”.  The last time we had that was two episodes ago.  Ack.  And please show STOP with the multi-episode arcs until you can come up with one that is actually gripping.  It’s been so long since I actually was invested in one and cared.  The 333 Killer and the Cabbie Killer were very flawed but that (and FA) are really only what made Season 4 remotely bearable (although it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it so maybe I’m giving it redeeming qualities which are actually just all in my mind).

And and whilst I’m in rant mood ….. okay, I can forgive them totally changing Angell’s birthday from the finale (the finale!!!  It’s not even THAT long ago!  How hard can it be to check continuity), but the whole time jump with Lucy being ten months old given the last time we saw her she definitely did not look like she was nearing on that old AND we know that’s apparently only 2 weeks ago because Mac said so himself.  Okay, I am aware that the majority viewers are not so picky or obsessive as us fans but SERIOUSLY?!  SERIOUSLY???!!!

Oh God WHY is that girl back on my screen?  You know how sometimes you just get a vibe?  She didn’t even have to open her mouth and start sucking up before she started irritating me.  Go away Haylen.  Again, you kill Jess to bring in THIS guest star?!

Yes Adam BE SCARED.  And GTFO off my screen.  I used to tolerate you but now every moment with you on screen is a moment wasted.  Plus I literally want to punch you every time you open your mouth. (I am aware that this may come across a little harsh but I refer back to the whole ‘never going to get over the events of the premiere’ thing.)

Flack/Angell’s Dad.  Wow, I did NOT expect plot continuity here.  I mean I thought we were going to see Flack “go off the rails”/have a breakdown but it looks like if that’s going to happen, they’re making us wait for it (looks like he’s on the edge though).  Did not expect to see a scene like this.  ❤  And then with Flack sitting outside their house and cue flashback!  Love.  I was sitting there going “C’mon, it needs a flashback here” and then yay!

Case-wise this season has been so very luck-warm so far.  I mean last week’s was just painful to sit through and the premiere was mediocre at best.
This is quite sad but every character except Flack, Lindsay and Danny (I know!) annoyed me whilst I was watching this episode.  It wasn’t even anything they did.  They were just there on my screen talking and ack …..  I just think I can no longer watch the show through rose-tinted glasses. Characters, you’re going to have to start earning my love and respect.  (By characters, I mean Mac and Hawkes because Stella is tainted for life).

I’ve left the best to last:  Danny/Lindsay were adorable in this episode no question about it.  Lindsay is pretty much always huggable but for the first time in like forever I felt like hugging Danny too.  That is no easy feat.  And actually I’m kind of liking the whole long messy hair he’s got going on.  (And Flack’s scruff.  Very nice!)

Danny: Waiting on DNA results from the trace I found. I figured I’d get a little pump in.
Lindsay: Don’t you have physical therapy today?
Danny: Yeah, yeah, so I’m getting ready for it.
Lindsay: What?
Danny: You see Lucy lately, huh? She’s standing up in her crib cruising along the walls of the apartment. She’s gonna walk soon, Lindsay.
Lindsay: Danny, please tell me you’re not competing with our ten-month-old daughter.
Danny: No, I’m not competing with our daughter. All right, I’m just sick and tired of being in this chair. I want to run through Central Park with my daughter on my shoulders, okay? I want to chase down boys who try to hit on her. I want to dance with you and her at her wedding. So if you don’t mind…
Lindsay: I don’t mind at all.


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