The Office (US): 6×04 – Niagara

It was EPIC.

I think this episode more than made up for the apathy I’ve been feeling both towards this show and towards Jim/Pam in the past season and a half.  I went into it not having spoiled at all apart from the fact it was Jim/Pam’s wedding, which is why I think I loved it so much.

During the opening scene I did think Pam was being a bit obnoxious asking people to start using different soap etc. but clearly that was just the set up to have everyone start puking, which, by the way, was really really gross.  Hah.  I was wondering how long it would take for Michael to make the Niagara/Viagra joke.

Then a whole bunch of stuff happened, most of which was awesome.

There were funny moments: Kevin’s shoes, Meredith dancing etc.

Gross moments: Andy’s scrotum, Michael’s pre-wedding speech etc.

Cute moments:  Jim’s pre-wedding speech before he put his foot in his mouth.

Fast-forward to Jim-cutting-tie scene.  How can any girl not want to marry a guy like Jim?  I mean, gah, that moment.  And then the moment at the end when he talks about Plan A, B and C.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

❤ the whole aisle-wedding-dance.  😀 😀 😀  It was hilarious and perfect and I’ve rewatched it so many times.  It was just so The Office-ish with a touch of 30 Rock thrown in.  Loved the montage showing Jim/Pam’s perfect wedding.  I think it was nicely done because although it would have been nice to have seen it in real time, we didn’t really need to hear the dialogue to understand how beautiful and perfect it was for them.  Loved the looks they gave each other as they watch their wedding guests go crazy.
I think the reason I absolutely adored this so much was because it was so unexpected and it just made me grin.  It was kind of the perfect The Office moment.


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