Grey's Anatomy: 6×05 – Invasion

Can I just say how I recognised 3 out of the 4 Mercy West people?  The two girls were both on Everwood, the hot guy played The Hotness Monster on Greek (no, really, that’s what he’s credited as), and I swear that I’ve seen Charlie in something before but nothing’s jumping out.  Also, the woman who shouted at Alex and other girl to stop fighting over her father’s case has been in just about everything including that really awesome episode of Criminal Minds ‘Minimal Loss’ (she’s the one who helps Prentiss after she’s been beaten up).  Also also Sarah?  She seems really familiar.

Okay.  I felt the need to write about this episode because whilst I’m pretty sure not a lot actually happened, there were some moments in this that reminded me why I love this show.  The whole Mercy West/Seattle Grace thing I knew was never going to have me positively jumping up and down with excitement.  I thought the 4 new people were all different degrees of aggravating, although I think I’m probably channelling Lexie/Izzie/Cristina/Alex’s biased anger here, but on the plus side I like all the actors so I’m torn.  When Izzie heard Charlie boasting to the others about being his bitch?  That did make me feel really sorry for her.  All the other new people I wouldn’t have a problem with if they became regulars (again, based on actor love).

The whole Callie/her Dad/gay thing?  When I read the episode description I was like “Oh no religion and Callie storyline” (neither of which are my favourite things) but the way they did?  So much funnier and so much more powerful than I thought.  I enjoyed every minute of every scene.  “YOU CAN’T PRAY AWAY THE GAY!”  GA has always been good at coining catchphrases!  The whole bible quotes Vs bible quotes?  Nicely done.  Loved how Arizona had to make Callie understand where her father was coming from even though you would have thought she would have been equally angry.

And Arizona, wow Arizona.  It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about Arizona.  Arizona >>>>> Hahn any day.  I’ve always like her since day one but like as in didn’t dislike rather than ‘she’s awesome’.  That scene with Callie’s Dad?  Completely won me over.  Whilst I’m apathetic to Callie/Arizona, by herself I’ve really warmed to her.  And actually the whole ship has made me warm to Callie too which I never thought would really happen because whilst she has some truly great moments, I’ve had a grudging resentment towards her ever since they brought her in in Season 2.

Cristina being broken and Meredith trying to give her the box of tissues and telling her to climb up next to her on the bed?  ❤ Meredith and Meredith/Cristina scenes.  I also really really love Ellen as an actress (Sandra’s awesomeness can go without saying).  I think a lot of what she does is extremely understated because of how Meredith is but she nails all the little moments.

I do not understand why Izzie would just leave Alex.  Yes, I know it’s to write Heigl’s leave of absence in but she seriously couldn’t blame her getting fired on Alex?!  I know she probably took the Chief’s “Dr Karev coming to see me” line in the wrong way but after all she’s been through and how Alex has been pretty awesome to her, you would have thought another screaming match would be in order rather that just leaving?  I mean clearly she’s coming back so I guess all shall be explained but ….  ANYWAY, when Meredith, whose only slightly better with social etiquette than Cristina tells Cristina to go and hug Alex and Cristina can’t quite bring herself to do it because she’s broken and Alex looks so distraught?  Beautifully written scene.


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