Criminal Minds: 5×09 – 100


Amazing opening sequence. Loved the way they filmed it and how they teased you by not showing you who was the other side of the camera at first. And although I’m pretty sure most people realised who was going to get killed going in, the way they did that made me think that Haley was the first body and then it was Jack’s …..

Also, I liked the multi-POVs thing as well. I mean I think if it happened every week it would irritate me but for a one-off (like they did on Grey’s the other week), it really really worked.

JJ/Henry/Will family moment! I melted at the cute.

All the undercover agents pretending to be normal people on the street coming out of their roles and pulling out their guns and running. ❤

OMG the torture! Man Foyet’s clever though. Glad that the marshall turned out to be a good guy and a hero even though it didn’t do any good.

Sadistic son of a bitch!

Holy crap at Haley’s speech. I mean I kind of guessed it was going to go down something like this but the emotional impact of it was just …. and the gunshots and the reactions of everyone ….. . even down to the camera work on Hotch’s face …….

Then when Hotch arrived at the house and was going through room by room ….. I don’t think I breathed the whole time.

OMG when Hotch shot the curtain I thought that it was Jack behind there (and Foyet had set it up to trick Hotch to get him to kill his own son) and you have no idea how relieved I was when it was actually Foyet. And then I freaked when his eyes opened and then the whole fight sequence … epically done.

God I’m so glad that Jack survived. I don’t say this about children a lot but he really is very cute.

I know a lot of people don’t like Erin Strauss but I don’t have anything against her and every show needs someone like her to antagonise the team but in the end she does what’s right.


There is absolutely nothing they could have done to make this episode better than it already was. I mean it was perfect. It hit all the right notes and had the impact it was aiming for. And it flowed perfectly. Also sometimes I think that there’s always moments of “Yeah right, that would never happen in the real world” especially in high drama episodes but everything made sense in this …. the way they managed to slip JJ’s family moment into being the key to solving the case, the excuse to have Kevin there, the extremely clever way Foyet managed to get hold of Haley, the ploy Hotch used with Jack to get him out of the way, ……. the only thing that was a bit tenuous was Reid’s working out Foyet’s alias … but then he’s a genius so whatever.
The thing that definitely surprised me was the Haley/Hotch/Foyet convo because I thought the acting and writing of that was absolutely out of this world and the fact that you had nearly the entire main cast in a car driving and not there watching it all play out in front of them meant that the way that they managed to make it even more emotional and powerful than scenes where they actually react to killings on the spot is pretty amazing. If that makes sense. If I could actually bear to put myself through it I would watch that sequence again to make more coherent thoughts but, yeah.

Oh Criminal Minds, no one can do fast-paced high-stakes drama like you …. Best.Procedural.Crime.Drama.Ever.

Also, how cute was it that they used A.J.Cook’s real life son to play JJ’s son? I think that made the JJ/Henry scene even more adorable than it already was. ❤


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