CSI:NY: 6×11 – Second Chances

My God Lindsay was actually IN this episode and she, you know, had lines and interaction with her husband.  It MUST be Christmas.

I love Train and I love Pat Monahan’s solo album even more. (A couple of years ago I was so obsessed with Pat’s Last of Seven that I completely overplayed it and had to give it a rest but now I’ve dug it out again, I’ve fallen in love with ‘Always Midnight’, ‘Someday’ and ‘Great Escape’ all over again. I definitely recommend it.  Plus all of Train’s albums of course ..). I’m so glad that they actually had Pat act and wrote the band into the plot line rather than just have them randomly playing on a stage like they did with Maroon 5.

We’ll just ignore the fact that Kim Kardashian was in it and really can’t act, not that her role actually required much acting.

Obviously accommodating the guest stars meant that they couldn’t find the money to have Adam (not that I’m complaining) and Sid (Hawkes’ recap was no replacement).

Not the best plot ever but this season has taught me not to expect too much in that department any more. However, the general team-ness of it. ❤ Loved the opening scene with Mac/Stella. It’s been a long time since they had a nice friendship moment. Ditto the end when they’re watching the others and they’re all smiley and laughing.

I’m guessing the fact that Lindsay is hardly ever in the field / not even been into a couple of episodes this season is due to Anna wanting more time with her children/less screentime rather than it just being due to TPTB being incredibly lame?  Remember Season 2 when she kicked ass crime scene-ing it up?

The whole Lindsay wanting Danny to stop saying “Boom”?  This is why I love her.  I’ve never been a fan of Danny’s catchphrase.  Liked their hug and smiles at the end too.  ❤

Aaand finally, seeing the team in elf suits can now be crossed off from the fandom wishlist. I never quite thought I’d see the day when that happened!  😉


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