CSI:NY: 6×12 – Criminal Justice

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say this but you know what, that was actually a good episode of CSI:NY all round.

The ironic thing is that when I read the episode description I was immediately inclined to think that it wouldn’t be (and to be fair the description was a bit misleading because it was more Stella’s case than Mac’s!) … I don’t know why.

Now whenever they bring in a new character on a procedural, I automatically suspect that a) he’s going feature prominently in some way and b) he’s evil, but I think they did a good job at introducing Craig and portraying his friendship with Mac and Stella.  The fact that he was at the crime scene made me incredibly suspicious and once they discovered the lighter etc. there was no doubt in my mind that he had been the one to put it there.  I loved at the end when you thought he was going to confess to Stella and then he just started spinning the tale that he’ll use in his defence and Stella was like “Oh, please.”

Nice play with it being the dog’s blood in the snowplough and then Stella finally remembering that the vic had a dog.  It wasn’t as completely obvious as the cases usually are.

Sidenote: Meredith’s Dad playing the judge made me laugh!  I think they definitely got the casting right with the guest stars this episode.  You knew Meyers was evil, you felt sorry for the Mum, you believed that the DA was clever and experienced enough to almost get away with it etc.

Lots of Danny/Lindsay scenes!  Yay!  Lindsay out in the field processing the scene AND going “undercover” in the same episode.  I almost couldn’t handle it plus a set up for future eps with Danny having his badge stolen.  What I liked even better was the way they fit the personal scenes seamlessly into the episode.

We need more well written episodes like this please!


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