White Collar: 1×14 – Out Of The Box

Oh wow, I LOVE this show! I love all the main characters and, just like Burn Notice, it’s always interesting. Great twist to bring back Marsha Thomson who I know from Las Vegas but by God she does an awful American accent! Seriously! They should have just kept her British accent and invented some excuse for why she’s working for the FBI. Lol.

Peter/Elizabeth. <3<3<3<3 Favourite married couple after Eric and Tami on FNL. Also, loved the Neal/Elizabeth/flowers moments. Bless. And June! Though I will always think of her as Burke’s mother on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s funny because the show has all these characters that don’t really do much, like June and Lauren, and yet you still feel their presence.

Great plot. Great twist at the end. The fact that Fowler wasn’t the one pulling the strings but that there was someone “higher up” was obvious (otherwise it would be a pretty short-lived series). Wonder if we’ve seen the back of him now. Loved the moment when Peter shot him even though he didn’t know he was wearing a vest.

I really like the Peter/Neal dynamic too. Even though it usually requires a stretch of the imagination to imagine that FBI/criminal could really grow into being good friends, you just feel it with these two. I think at the end Neal was going to get on the plane, after all he’s obsessed with Kate, but then BOOM! I was just waiting for something to happen. Kind of thought that Kate was going to fly off without him or something. Lol. So I’m guessing she is actually dead? Will we ever find out whether she was good or bad? I don’t know, I still think Peter’s right and she was bad. Oh well. Can’t wait until next season! Great procedural-esque show but with a whole different, less boring feel to it!


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