Brothers & Sisters: 4.24 – On The Road Again

I think overall this season has been pretty weak (I blame the whole Ryan plotline – man did they get it wrong with the characterization/casting there ….).  There were some really good episodes dealing with Kitty’s cancer but then they wrapped that storyline really abruptly.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m also watching Parenthood which is essentially the same show (down to the philandering father with money problems) but with different characters and more children and that obviously has all the shine of being new and having a strong first season (though not as amazing as Brothers & Sisters was …).  Now with Rob Lowe gone, I don’t know how strong the fifth season is going to be.  ETA: Ausiello’s reporting that the next season might be shorter at 18 episodes – although I live by the belief that the more episodes = more enjoyment to be had, I think this might work better for this show?  I mean with 5 seasons, there’s only so many family fights that can be had.  Though with Saul’s HIV, Robert’s death, the new water situation, Kevin/Scotty’s baby, the year fast-forward, there could actually be more than enough “new” drama to spread out over a normal length season?

However, onto the finale itself – one of the best episodes of the season.  Sarah was freaking hilarious in this episode.  And loved the Kitty/Nora/Sarah storyline.  It also helped that it was relatively light on Rebecca and Holly.  Loved that Saul actually got a storyline – yes, an actual storyline!

Sweet Robert/Kitty moments which, I guess, made what happened even harder to accept.  Damn Rob Lowe wanting to quit!!!!  C’mon it’s called Brothers & Sisters, clearly he was never going to be the main character and get all the screentime.  Grr.  As soon as the camera shot to them driving in the dark I was like “nooooooo!” and then when all the others were there driving … I was like, NO NO NO.  I was expecting them to kill off Robert but having the others as collateral damage too?  Evil.  I have to say that I am so grateful for not showing the moment of impact.  I was waiting for Robert/Kitty’s car to crash and scare me but the way they did it having it revealed from Justin/Rebecca’s perspective so to speak was classier.  Love the way that they panned out from !deadRobert/Kitty so you could see the extent of the crash.  The red herring with Robert’s hospital visit – sneaky …. of course everyone thought that it was going to be his heart that was going to be his downfall***.  Of all the alternatives, I am glad that they killed him off rather than had them divorce.  At least we had some cute Robert/Kitty moments this season.

*** Though really, WHO WOULD LET SOMEONE WHO HAD JUST BEEN HOSPITALISED FOR HEART PROBLEMS DRIVE???????  When they were at the house and I saw Robert get in the driving side, I was like WHAT????  I mean they could have had the same plotline but with Kitty driving and make more logical sense.

I don’t like Tommy but I kind of expected him to make an appearance in the finale.  Anyway, to sum up:  AWESOME episode, yay for Saul getting a storyline, Sarah is awesome, Kitty/Robert moments galore *sniff*, awesome acting all around.


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