House, MD: 6×21 – Help Me

I’ve really liked this season of House …  well, apart from the whole Chase/Cameron thing falling apart (but although I was against bringing her back for that one ep, I definitely think it brought closure to that ship and was glad it happened.  Plus there were some very sweet CC moments in it).  There’s been quite a few awesome episodes both case-wise and character development-wise.  For a long time, whilst I always liked House/Cuddy, I could never see how it would actually work because I couldn’t picture House in a relationship with anyone and didn’t know how much of his behaviour towards her was him actually liking her or whether he was just being House but I think they’ve done a good job this season (and last season) in convincing me of his true feelings for her and, you know, on reflection, the whole Lucas/Cuddy was a good idea as it brought a whole new dynamic and made House realise some things.

Oh wow, this episode, this episode.  LOVED IT.  Maybe my favourite House finale?  I don’t know … but they didn’t do anything ~funny~ like with fantasies or hallucinations or anything.  It was just straightforward, raw.  Cuddy out in the field in a jumpsuit!  Full of House/Cuddy moments.  Gah, the way they looked at each other after he climbed into the ambulance and just before he shut the doors.  Oh God the patient!!!!!  When Foreman ran forward an opened the ambulance doors and everyone inside just sitting there ….

The end with the way it mirrored last season’s finale!  OMIGOD CUDDY’S SPEECH!!!!!  During the speech she gave him earlier when she told him she didn’t love him, I obviously gathered that she was lying but it made me think that we’d have to wait until next season to see that but then OH MY GOD!!!  So so so beautiful!!!!  “How do I know I’m not hallucinating?”.  AND THE LAST SHOT OF THEIR HANDS LINKED.  BEST HOUSE FINALE EVER.

6 seasons and I think they’ve had the perfect progression.  If they’d dragged it out even longer then it would be too long but if they’d had it happen any sooner then I would never have believed they had any hope of ever finding happiness in each other, no matter how they felt for each other.


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