Rewatch: Criminal Minds Season 3

3.01 – I loved the way they wrapped up Gideon’s storyline, especially since Mandy’s leaving wasn’t planned.  Good case.

3.02 – Then there’s the Eddie Cibrain episode which I love for all the character work: Hotch leaving, Prentiss resigning, Gideon MIA, Reid worried, Prentiss getting hit over the head, Lifehouse playing.  Also, I don’t hate Strauss as much as everyone else does.  I think the show needed someone like her otherwise it’s too much like ‘happy families’ since the team get on so well.

3.03 – this one where the guy kills the people based on their phobias always creeps me out.

3.04 – with Francis Capra and the killings of the family …. love how protective JJ and Prentiss are of the girl and how Prentiss wants to adopt her, To Build A Home playing … the last scene between JJ/Prentiss

3.05 –  .. not my favourite episode but I appreciate that they tried to mix it up and do something different and it was a good idea to have the mall as the scene of the crime.

3.06 – the introduction of Rossi!  I actually remember warming to him quite fast for a new male character.  Oooh THAT GUY.  He’s been in everything from The Mentalist to this but now he will forever be Crazy Shooter from Grey’s Anatomy.

3.07 – Love Rossi hearing the others profiling him.  The case was sick.

3.08 – Really don’t like the case in this episode.  Not a fan of episodes of crime shows that revolve around Satan/religion.  Not entirely sure why.  Also being forced to eat your own fingers?  Sick, sick, sick.  And him being a cannibal, even sicker!!!  Oh no wait, it gets even sicker, he put body parts in the stew given to search volunteers.  Yup, I remember why I don’t like this episode now.

3.09 – Oh Garcia!  Some awesome JJ/Garcia friendship in this.  JJ/Prentiss hand-hold, JJ/Garcia kiss, Hotch being awesome “I don’t care about protocol”, JJ and Prentiss ganging up on IA guy, mention of Elle, Morgan protective of Garcia, Rossi being harsh,  JJ rocks!  David Bowie playing!  Love this episode (even if the first 5 minutes is like a very bad hospital drama)!  Man I do not rewatch this episode enough.

3.10 – This episode is my least favourite of the season, possibly the series.  It’s the graphic novel one with the guy from Malcolm In The Middle.  I don’t like it when my procedural shows try and be all clever and different.  I fast-forwarded through the case bits this time and just watched the team interaction.  Morgan/Garcia cuteness!

3.11 – Oh poor JJ!  The evilness is getting to her.  Hotch/JJ. Hotch getting the divorce papers.  =/

3.12 – I really like this episode, mainly because of Joe Mantegna’s daughter … oooh!  Emily from Lie To Me!  I’m sort of glad that Jack killed the unsub in a way.  Nice ending.

3.13 – Rossi’s expression as Reid gets excited at the road trip.  LOL!  I don’t actually remember this episode too well.  Just bits and pieces.  I remember thinking that the agent was the perp … but no, she was just ridiculously ambitious.

3.14 – Rossi-centric episode!  I feel that he’s probably the most developed as a character.  We were certainly given a lot of insight into aspects of his character very early on.  As backstories go, I did enjoy this one, even if the resolution was a bit simple for such an important case in Rossi’s life.  Rossi waking up in bed like that was a bit comic though.  Rossi/Garcia – LOL, JJ/Garcia … haha!  JJ’s sarcasm and the way she says “Sit” to Garcia!  HERE)

3.15 – Morgan/Rossi at logger-heads again.  I forgot about the friction between those two in this season.  Like that Morgan thinks that the deaths are all suicides.  Nice for one of the team to take a different view sometimes.  Awwh, that little Morgan/Prentiss moment at the end.  Love the instrumental music in this show, especially at the end of eps.

3.16 – I remember the first time I watched this, the first scene shocked the hell out of me.  I was maybe expecting the guy to be shot or strangled but not an explosion and then the bit that came after … I definitely wasn’t expecting that.  Glad they finally brought up Reid’s addiction again, pity Reid gets quite annoying later on in the episode.

3.17 – JJ/Will episode!  Great Prentiss/JJ interaction.  I remember when I found out that they were bringing Will back I wasn’t too keen since he does have a really annoying voice but in terms of arc, I guess it was good that they brought back a character they had already introduced and to show that JJ did have a life outside of work that she had been keeping a secret from the team.  Plus it brought about the awesome storyline in this episode of Prentriss trying to get JJ to admit her relationship

3.18 – I never noticed the subtle build-up to the finale before: they talk about attacking the wave of first responders, the terrorism seminar in this episode …..all leading up to the finale.  JJ/Prentiss fighting the victim’s corner <3, JJ explaining her motives for taking the case to Prentiss – I like these two working together.  Usually JJ’s kind of on the outskirts of the case.  Hotch/Rossi working together is cool. Actionman Morgan! JJ’s pregnant!  That’s a shocker!

3.19 – I love how they made Morgan wear a baseball cap to highlight that the “flashback”.  Morgan being all action hero again!  OMG!  Prentiss’ photo!  LMAO!  Amy Carlson!  Haven’t we had the whole Third Watch cast this season???  Morgan’s suit!  And Reid’s old get-up!  Nice ethical discussion they got going on there.  Why does Hotch insist on wearing that tie?!  Morgan/Garcia’s first meeting!  How did I not remember this????  Garcia is awesome hacking that adoption agency’s system.  Hotch in court

3.20 – Oh my favourite crime show finale of all time.  I LOVE this episode and I have to take my hat off to the writers for waiting 3 whole seasons to play the terrorism “oh no we can’t profile them” card.  Also, most cliffhangery cliffhanger EVER.  Great opening scene – everyone plus the viewers thinking that guy had a bomb.  JJ and Garcia exchanging looks about Kate/Hotch!  Prentiss and JJ exchanging looks about Kate/Hotch “They, erm, liased when she was at Scotland Yard”!  Cooper the guy who keeps flirting with Prentiss … I now know him from ER!  Garcia/NYPD tech!  hee!  Awwh!  JJ/Will …. JJ/Prentiss hug.  JJ/Reid hug.  JJ/Hotch convo.  Awwh.  Hotch/Morgan arguing. Morgan/Rossi talk, Morgan mentioning Gideon.  Prentiss profiling Cooper

Conclusion: Season 3 is just amazing overall.

Rewatching has made me love JJ even more.  I’ve always slightly overlooked her awesomeness for Prentiss’ kickass-ness and sarcasm but she is great in her own way and it’s good to have someone who lets the horror get to her and this season we got to see her personal life too.  Maybe it’s a case of never appreciating what you’ve got until it’s gone?  *sigh*  At least we will always have Season 3.


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