Life Unexpected: 2×01 – Ocean Uncharted

Hmm Life Unexpected …. why does Lux’s new crush look like Jones 2.0 (less pretty though) and Paige the new bartender looks like a Lux 2.0? It’s creepy. They so didn’t need so many new characters and definitely not introduce them all in the first episode back. You know, it would have been nice to […]

Criminal Minds: 6×01 – The Longest Night

I wasn’t overly fond of the finale plotwise but the fact they killed Eric Close might have something to do with it as well.  I was looking forward even less to being one episode closer to JJ’s final one.  =/ Morgan/JJ look … I’m sure JJ wouldn’t have taken it personally.  Morgan/Garcia … ouch.  No […]

Rewatch: Criminal Minds Season 4

4.01 – Poor Hotch and Kate!  Love how worried everyone on the team is about each other.  Hated watching the CCTV of Hotch and Kate getting blown up – it looked scarily real.  Kate rambling about cinema/movies.  I never paid much attention to her when I watched it the first time around as I was […]