Criminal Minds: 6×01 – The Longest Night

I wasn’t overly fond of the finale plotwise but the fact they killed Eric Close might have something to do with it as well.  I was looking forward even less to being one episode closer to JJ’s final one.  =/

Morgan/JJ look … I’m sure JJ wouldn’t have taken it personally.  Morgan/Garcia … ouch.  No way would Morgan have said that about Garcia no matter how upset he is.  “She gets the job done every time.” Thank you Hotch.  Really don’t like Morgan being snappy at Garcia – it’s like the whole natural order of the world’s been changed.

Awwh sweet Morgan/Prentiss moment…. until he snapped at her too.  I don’t like this !angstyMorgan!  But he apologised to Garcia, bless.  All is right in the world now …. except it’s not because they’re clearly setting up JJ’s exit by making her be a hostage negotiator.

Hang on, didn’t we have an unsub’s backstory being that he was forced to see his mother be a prostitute in Season 4?  I just rewatched this.  Still, I hate that I feel a bit sorry for the perp now, though I guess we’ve already had “pure evil” in the form of the Reaper.

The looks on the team’s faces as they listen to JJ over the radio….. oh wow, JJ’s speech.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  TPTB killed the Aunt as well??  Ouch.  Awwh Morgan/daughter and JJ watching them.  Overall it was a pretty good resolution to a storyline I wasn’t particularly fond of.  Not sure whether I like the fact they made us feel a sorry for the unsub and therefore a bit sad when Morgan shot him.  Oh JJ, I miss you already.


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