Life Unexpected: 2×01 – Ocean Uncharted

Hmm Life Unexpected …. why does Lux’s new crush look like Jones 2.0 (less pretty though) and Paige the new bartender looks like a Lux 2.0? It’s creepy.

They so didn’t need so many new characters and definitely not introduce them all in the first episode back. You know, it would have been nice to have one episode with just the old crowd, then gradually introduce the others one by one maybe. It’s a given but I don’t like either of the two new women at the radio station.

Oh Baze,. ❤ ❤ ❤ His scenes with Cate in this episode broke my heart. In the hospital when he asked her whether it would have made a difference if he had gotten to the church earlier and she didn’t answer him …… ❤ These two are joint top with Chuck/Sarah at being my OTP at the moment. I just love all their ~moments~ even if they can’t be together romantically.

Oooh what happened with Ryan and Julia???? Is it something big or something really small that they’re making it seem like big for the ~drama~ because I do think Ryan is a nice guy ………. but then maybe too kinda perfect? Usually in TV, it’s all about the flaws characters have and it seems like he doesn’t have any with the way he handled Lux, Cate/Baze (though obviously he’s getting to the end of his tether with that one) etc. However, why can’t Ryan/Cate just be happy in their marriage for awhile (apart from the whole Baze thing obv.) It’s like when Chase/Cameron and Justin/Rebecca got married and things immediately went downhill. How can Derek/Meredith be the most stable married couple?!?!?!?!?! Seriously.

I’m not overly sad that Bug has left. I tend to be apathetic to most that happens in Lux’s life outside of Baze and Cate, as I watch the show for, erm, Baze and Cate. I did feel kinda sorry for him but if they continued to back-and-forth thing between him and Lux this season as well, it would have gotten old very fast. Is Jones making an appearance? Or is it all about Eric now? Eww he’s her teacher? This goes against all my moral principles. And yet this should be interesting ….

Oh Paige is Ryan’s sister???? Man this has just become a love quadrangle or something (possibly a pentagon, depending on who Julia is)!!!


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