Train @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London (25 October 2010)

I can officially say that Train is best band that I’ve seen in concert ever. They filmed the whole concert which is going to air on MTV World Stage AND they filmed their music video for their new single (it’s a Christmas one and you can hear it on YouTube) so we’re all going to be […]

Brothers & Sisters: 5×02 – Brief Encounter

I’m not going to lie.  I had several huge concerns about this season of Brothers & Sisters but just as I was beginning to lose faith, they bring in the funniest storyline that there’s been for awhile and I’m literally convulsing with laughter.  Kitty’s facial expressions in this episode were hilarious. The “oh God Mum’s […]

Criminal Minds: 6×02 – JJ

This episode, oh this episode.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  What a classy lady. “you’d think profilers would cover better than that wouldn’t you?”  Garcia/JJ moment!  Love their friendship!  !teamelevator moment!  JJ in the plane bathroom ….. so that thing does have a bathroom!  Lol.  Reid’s dairy problem.  Heh..  Prentiss/JJ/Morgan moment.  Nice touch with […]