Brothers & Sisters: 5×02 – Brief Encounter

I’m not going to lie.  I had several huge concerns about this season of Brothers & Sisters but just as I was beginning to lose faith, they bring in the funniest storyline that there’s been for awhile and I’m literally convulsing with laughter.  Kitty’s facial expressions in this episode were hilarious.

The “oh God Mum’s a lesbian” storyline – literally the funniest thing ever.  Especially because you could just see the thoughts forming in Kitty’s head and when she was in the car watching Nora hug the woman and she reached for her phone, you just knew what her next words were going to be and ….. LOL.  Then the Kevin/Scotty/Kitty/Justin/senior citizen lesbians …”Uncle Saul’s not enough for you, now you want Mum!!!!”… LMAO.  But my favourite bit, of course, was when the whole family were having that conversation about two different things (Nora talking about her job) and Nora says something like “Things have been a little tight lately, I needed the money” and the expressions on everyone’s faces are priceless!  “I’m not a lesbian, I’m a florist.”  But then you have to hand it to Nora because she soon put everyone in their place.

The thing about this show is that (apart from the first season) it seems to do the small funny and/or emotional moments really well but then has some bizarre ideas about the bigger plot arcs.  It makes me sad because the first season is my favourite season of any show ever as I can rewatch it a dozen times and still not get bored but after that the show seems to have been losing its way gradually (in terms of longterm plotlines).  It really went downhill with the whole Ryan thing.  I guess the storyline as a whole could have been good (and would have made sense since with Rebecca not being a sibling there was still that mystery to solve) but boy did they get the casting/characterisation wrong with that.

Now this season…….. Dear Lord, I hate to say it but it seems to have jumped the shark a bit:

1) Robert still being alive and being in a coma for a year.  Seriously, they couldn’t just have killed him off?!  Worst plotline ever.  Poor Kitty.
2) Narrow Lake.  Seriously, that was such a big deal at the end of last season and now?
3) Rebecca just disappearing.  Okay so they’re writing her out but surely they could get to it sooner rather than later.  As much as she might hate Justin for leaving, he’s just come back from war for God’s sake!  Surely she would be a bit worried or want to see him even if it’s just to give him divorce papers.
4) Saul’s reaction to his HIV.  Yes, he’s had a year to deal with it but usually the writers bring in a storyline like that to see the turmoil the character goes through etc. (like Stella on CSI:NY) and to give his character growth.  Apparently Saul is just plodding on like normal and it hasn’t given his character a bigger role to play.
5) Kevin and the juvenile delinquent.  Erm, random much?
6) No mention of Tommy whatsoever.  Didn’t expect to see him but just a mention would have been nice.
7) Holly losing her memory.  Seriously, WHAT?!  I know this show is classed as a soap/drama but still.  However, having said that, I guess with Rebecca gone, it is a way to keep her connected to the Walker family and to give her character something to do now Ohai’s gone but eventually, I presume, she’s going to get her memory back and then what?  Still need to find something for her to do or are they going to write her off?  Like, after Rebecca’s left, Dave and Holly are going to move away too?

And yet, despite all of the above, I can’t drop the show just yet.  Because of the awesome, funny family moments and my love for the characters.


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