Drunk TV Conversations

Friday Night Lights – Luke/Becky

He’s drunk, she’s sober.  They talk about pigs.


Luke: Thanks, Becky.
Becky: You’re welcome.
Luke: I traded my pig for you.
Becky: … what?
Luke: Marabelle … Tinker’s in love with her and I said he could have her if I could have you as my rally girl.
Becky: How does the pig feel about that?
Luke: Oink.
Becky: *laughs*
Luke: Do you want to come in for a second?
Becky: … Not tonight…. I’ll see you at school .. have a goodnight …. bye.

I’m sorry but he had me at “I traded my pig for you”.  That has to be the most unromantic romantic line.  I think I want to marry Luke.  He is so so sweet!  He was trying his best to be there for Becky last season with the whole pregnancy thing but she pushed him away.  She really irritated me last season with her whole Tim-obsession [c’mon girl a) Tim clearly sees you as a sister and b) Luke is adorable!  Appreciate him!] and the fact that she inadvertently brought Tami a whole load of problems.  However, she redeemed herself in this episode when she stopped Luke getting into trouble and when he said the whole pig thing I just fell in love with them even more.

Friday Night Lights – Vince/Jess

He’s sober, she’s drunk.  They talk about football.

Jess: I don’t want you to think this has got anything to do with Maura.
Vince: Baby I think it has a lot to do with Maura.
Jess: I miss you.
Vince: Miss, miss what?  I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here.
Jess: I don’t miss you, I miss the football of you.  Like the way we were practising over the summer, going over strategies and stuff …. you got Coach now and I’m supposed to be a rally girl……. I know I’m terrible .. I’m a girl and I like football.
Vince: I think you’re beautiful.  C’mon champ, I’ve got to get you home.  At least you won.

Vince/Jess ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.  Especially the end of last season.  Gah.  And and LOVE Vince’s relationship with his Mum and his relationship with Jess’ brothers.  Also, I think I may be in love with Michael B.Jordan ever since he’s been guest-starring on Parenthood and I have been forced to look at him on my screen twice a week…….

Also, I am distraught that there is no fandom activity (no fanfictions, no fanvids) for Vince/Jess or Luke/Becky.  Seriously, fandom world, I’m dying here!

Lie To Me
: Lightman/Foster

He’s sober, she’s drunk.  They talk about … things.

Foster: Hi … I never realised there were so many stars.
Lightman: There aren’t.  That’s my very expensive scotch talking.
Foster: Oh, what’s mine is mine.  Render onto Caesar, you know, and all that.
Lightman: Loker’s earned his stripes, finally.
Foster: The FBI, they won’t be back.
Lightman: That scotch was a gift from a very grateful client.
Foster: Johnny Wheels was a client?
Lightman: You have had a good day haven’t you?
Foster: And you’re going to thank me for it.  You’re going to say thank you and I’m going to stand here until you do.  I’m waiting.
Lightman: Thank you for cleaning up my mess, Gillian.
Foster: I can’t wait until tomorrow.
Lightman: Why?  What’s tomorrow?
Foster: I get better looking every day.

Gah!!!!!!  How could they end the episode like that?  So so so cruel!  And yet clever.  And beautiful.  There has been a lot that I haven’t liked about this show this season: the cases have been boring and Lightman has been annoying but every time I come close to thinking maybe I should stop watching, TPTB always drag me back in with a scene like this one.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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