Top 10 Relationships (based on story arcs that aired in 2010)

10. Ship: Jane/Lisbon (The Mentalist) as best exemplified in this fanvid I am still trying to scrub the whole Kristina Frye arc from my brain but it would just be sad if these two didn’t get a mention. 9. Friendship: Meredith/Cristina (Grey’s Anatomy) Pretty much the only Grey’s Anatomy relationship that has lasted 7 seasons.  I […]

Top 6 Unforgettable Episodes of 2010

6. Criminal Minds 6.02 – JJ Garcia: Don’t they understand we’re a family.  That’s why it works because we’re a family.  Do they even care?! JJ: I am thankful for my years spent with this family, for everything we shared, every chance we had to grow. I’ll take the best of them with me and […]

Rewatch: Studio 60

I totally didn’t give this show enough credit when I watched it the first time around. I think there were bits of it that I did really really love but the rest I just watched because of the cast?  Then of course there was that massive hiatus and by the time the second half aired, we […]

Amanda Peet + Sarah Paulson

Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson have to have one of the best on-screen/off-screen friendships of any two cast members in any of my fandoms.  They have been attached at the hip ever since they did Jack & Jill together.  It must have been so awesome for them to do Studio 60 together, even though there was a […]

Studio 60

Danny: Graham, you are talented, you are a delight and if I may say so, you are a hot-buttered biscuit. Lauren Graham: Why did you cut my sketch? Danny: I think the thing to remember here is that it was me who cut the sketch. It was predisorial decision involving a number of technical factors, […]

Nikita: 1×11- All The Way

Lyndsey Fonseca totally spoiled me for this episode.  That’s the danger of following the cast on Twitter.  She tweeted about something that happened to a fellow cast member and tweeter and well, it was huge.  However, I had kind of guessed that what she spoiled me for was going to happen sooner or later so having […]

Rewatch: The Inside

Dear Lord, I remembered that this show was pretty dark but I’d forgotten how it’s so dark that it makes Criminal Minds look like a comedy show. And I counted. They put the lead character, FBI Agent Rebecca Locke, in mortal danger 7 times in 13 episodes (that’s 7 episodes in 13, not the individual […]

Friday Night Lights: 5×05 – Kingdom

This episode of Friday Night Lights, one of the best ever.  Definitely in the Top 5. “I like country, but this is rap You put them together, it sounds like crap You better look out because I’m Luke Cafferty If I start rapping, y’all might laugh at me.”Oh, Luke.  ❤ “We’re men, we don’t ask […]

Criminal Minds Cast Love

I know what I think: at the end of the day I still miss JJ and will never stop mentioning her in every single post about Criminal Minds ……… but I still can’t stop watching and the latter part of the news gives me hope.  Also, how can you stop watching the show when they […]