Friday Night Lights: 5×05 – Kingdom

This episode of Friday Night Lights, one of the best ever.  Definitely in the Top 5.

“I like country, but this is rap
You put them together, it sounds like crap
You better look out because I’m Luke Cafferty
If I start rapping, y’all might laugh at me.”
Oh, Luke.  ❤

“We’re men, we don’t ask for directions and we fix our own cars.”  Oh Billy!

THIIIIIIISSSS!!!!  I literally had to pause it because I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Why don’t you do that thing you do.”  Stan!!!!!!!  Weird, crazy guy.

The scene where the boys are all out on the hotel balcony talking and Coach is listening to them below?  One of my favourite scenes ever.  ❤

“Tomorrow buddy.”  “Tomorrow.”  Vince/Luke.  I love their friendship.  If I didn’t know better I’d want to ship them after this episode …..  “You and me together.  Who’s gonna stop us?”  Luke!!!!  Marabelle!  Drunk “brother” talk…

Coach and Tami, both drunk, talking to each other on the phone!  “What are you wearing?”

VInce/Jess on the bus!!!!!!!  SO SWEET.

The only thing letting this episode down was the whole Julie storyline of course.  I know they wanted to keep her in the show for the final season and all but it’s so forced and with hardly any interaction with other regular characters, she’s basically carrying that part of the show by herself.  Why couldn’t they have got her to go to the same college as Tyra and then the two of them could have their own mini spinoff on the show.  Sad times as that is definitely the weak link in an awesome season.


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