Nikita: 1×11- All The Way

Lyndsey Fonseca totally spoiled me for this episode.  That’s the danger of following the cast on Twitter.  She tweeted about something that happened to a fellow cast member and tweeter and well, it was huge.  However, I had kind of guessed that what she spoiled me for was going to happen sooner or later so having it confirmed wasn’t devastating.  I think it was actually better that I knew about it before watching the episode otherwise I might be a wreck right now.

This episode was so so good and that was even with the fact that Michael and Nikita didn’t even share a scene together (not really anyway).  I am so glad that we finally had a Melinda Clarke/Maggie Q scene and that Nikita and Alex had lots of screen time together.  Nikita is one of those shows with a lot of backstory and so many story arcs floating around all at once so I am glad that we finally got a lot of stuff explained and questions answered in this episode and all points where I was like “yeah, really, how long can they get away with that for?!” were wrapped up.

Thom!  Noooooooooooo!  I really liked Thom and Thom/Alex!  Not obsessively so but enough to want this to be the OTP of the show.  The way it played out?  SO TRAGIC.  I loved how it all built up to it with the scene in the locker room, the scene during the reception, the fact that it was him who shot the target and him who held her after Nikita was captured, him who realised she was the mole ….. Alex’s flashback to them kissing …. I can’t believe TPTB made Alex be the one to kill him.  That’s so devastating.  That whole scene in the corridor after she realised she had shot him?  GAH.
Wow how’s Jaden going to react towards Alex now that she killed Thom and got promoted?

I love how they explained why they decided to have Alex join Division, how she got recruited etc. and tied that in with the fact that she couldn’t pull the trigger.  Also Birkhoff FINALLY finding out about the shell/IM system – man every time Alex sat down at the computer, all I could think of was that surely sooner or later someone would find out about it.

Really nice idea to have Amanda torture Nikita by using that video footage as it gave us a lot of insight into Daniel/Nikita too.  That scene where Nikita broke free?  If you watch it frame by frame, it looks really funny!  Hehe.  Some crazy awesome fight scenes in this episode too!

I can definitely see where the Michael/Alex shippers get their material from.  It scares me as I am sure sooner or later, Nikita and Alex are going to come to loggerheads over something and I don’t want it to be over Michael.  Love triangles?  No thanks.

Lyndsey Fonseca totally blew me away.  I mean Maggie Q/Nikita has always carried the show but Alex really came into her own this episode.  Awesome stuff.

Finally, this cast has some seriously cute dogs:

Lyndsey’s, Tiffany’s and Maggie’s.  That last one never fails to make me laugh – love how her dog is as tall as her in that pic!

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