Amanda Peet + Sarah Paulson

Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson have to have one of the best on-screen/off-screen friendships of any two cast members in any of my fandoms.  They have been attached at the hip ever since they did Jack & Jill together.  It must have been so awesome for them to do Studio 60 together, even though there was a severe lack of Jordan/Harriet interaction on screen.

Though Peet and Paulson didn’t know each other before the series [Jack &Jill] they come across like old friends, finishing each other’s sentences, perhaps even reading each other’s thoughts. Other cast members, Peet says, find her bonding with Paulson “really annoying. People have bets about how long our friendship will last. Because we got too close too quickly.”
Paulson chimes in, “And two years later” — she switches to a dramatic voice — “it’s stronger than ever!”
Paulson excuses herself, but not long after she leaves there’s a series of rapid knocks on the trailer’s thin dividing wall, then a loud, slightly muffled declaration: “I love Amanda Peet!”
If audiences bond with Peet as completely as Paulson has, her career may well go the whole nine yards. Amateur prognosis: There is obviously a lot going on with Amanda Peet. Her Jack & Jill co-star Paulson concurs: “She’s alive. Alert. In the moment. Easily moved and. complicated.” How complicated? “Oh boy, how much tape do you have? All the great ones are a little mad. She’s a touch insane, in the best possible way, like Beethoven was.”

I have terrible stage fright. Do you guys know Sarah Paulson? She’s like my best friend who was on Studio 60. Whenever one of us does a play, for the first, all through previews and then probably for about two weeks after opening night, we just call each other and we’re like, “Why the fuck did you let me do this? Why? I’m serious!”

Go on, admit it, you’re pretty shocked aren’t you.  I was amazed.  I was all like “Let’s do an Amanda Peet/Sarah Paulson picspam” and 4 hours later I’m still here finding photos ….  And these are obviously just the public events they attend together.  Seriously, I’m not a globe-trotting film/TV-making celebrity and not even I see my friends this much!  Hee.

I want them to do a third TV show together.  I just read an interview with Amanda where she said that if Aaron Sorkin wrote a part for her, she would definitely do another TV show.  Or, you know, do you reckon if I wish hard enough we could get all the cast together and do an epic Studio 60 TV movie?  That’s not too much to ask, right?  Or like Jordan McDeer could have her own spinoff show with everyone else making regular guest appearances?  Obviously Danny would have to be a main character too.

I’m always sad that we didn’t really get to see the Jordan/Harriet friendship explored that much on screen.  My favourite moment of theirs has to be:


Jordan: Excuse me?
Harriet: Jordan!
Jordan: Hi, hi Jeanie, Samantha, great show tonight.
Harriet: Thanks. . <awkward silence> Hey we heard you got Trevor Laughlin’s pilot script about the UN.
Jordan: Yes, he was going to go to HBO but Danny as a matter of fact was the one who talked him over to us.
Harriet: Danny’s very persuasive.
Jordan: Yes, so I don’t have any friends.
Harriet: …. Because you bought Trevor Laughlin’s script?
Jordan: No I mean in general. I used to have friends, I was very popular, in my high school yearbook I was voted second runner-up for the ‘life of the party’.
Harriet: Really?
Samantha: Just missed that top spot by two.
Jordan: I know!
Jeanie: Bummer.
Harriet: Jordan, are you trying to make friends right now?
Jordan: Yeah, how am I doing?
Harriet: Fine. Do you want to hang out with us at the party?
Jordan: I would love to. I think if you gave me a chance you would find me delightful.
Harriet: All right, well, let’s not go for too much on your first try.
Jordan: Understood.
Jeanie: We’ve got to go out there and say hi to a couple people but we’ll hook up with you.
Jordan: This is so great!
Jeanie: Relax.
Jordan: Okay.
Harriet: Also I am meeting up with a guy.
Jordan: Oh the baseball player! My secretary had a copy of ‘In Touch’ open on her desk and there was a blurb about you right next to a blurb about me speculating about the various men I’ve been with in underground sex clubs.
Harriet: Yeah …
Jordan: My father enjoyed reading that.
Harriet: I bet.

Jordan: I threw the ball in a dumpster. Then I fell into the dumpster. It’s a long story.
Harriet: Well, for somebody with no friends, you’re a natural.
Jordan: Yeah?
Harriet: How did two people beat you out for ‘life of the party’?
Jordan: I know! It’s unfathomable. Fathomable. That’s a hard word to say. Fathomable. Fathomamble.
Harriet: Alright, settle down.
Jordan: Okay.

That scene must have been so awesome for them to play out!    🙂  You so know a Jack & Jill rewatch post is coming after I finish my Studio 60 one …. 😀


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