Rewatch: Studio 60

I totally didn’t give this show enough credit when I watched it the first time around. I think there were bits of it that I did really really love but the rest I just watched because of the cast?  Then of course there was that massive hiatus and by the time the second half aired, we knew it was going to be cancelled. This time around I feel the need to flail about every little thing and now that I’ve finished my rewatch, I am even more distraught that this show was cancelled than I was the first time around.   Maybe because the first time I watched, I hadn’t seen The West Wing whereas now I really appreciate the fact that it’s heavy on fast-paced, witty dialogue? I don’t know.

Danny: How did you know I was going to propose?
Jordan: I didn’t, I just hoped.
Danny: Since when?
Jordan: Remember the first time I met you?
Danny: Yeah.
Jordan: Since then.

<3How is it that despite all their baggage, Danny and Jordan have the most perfect onscreen relationship out of all my OTPs?!  And they totally had the fluffiest ever final scene.  They wrote Jordan perfectly in that she’s so completely snarky and bantery that on the couple of occasions when she’s really sweet to Danny, the whole fluffiness sort of causes a cataclysmic flail fit.

It’s kind of funny because the first time I watched the show, I thought that Danny/Jordan came out of absolutely nowhere but now I can sort of see the very very subtle build-up in the first half of the season (though I still maintain that getting Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet to do all the photoshoots and red carpet events together before the Pilot aired was very misleading.  Heh).

1.01 – This was one of those shows that didn’t really suck me in from the Pilot. I was sold by the cast alone and decided to stick with it until I suddenly did fall in love with it. Amanda Peet is so freaking awesome though. Right from the start. Took me a lot longer to appreciate Harriet though.

1.02 – Jordan! She’s so funny and witty! Danny/Matt and the clock! Haha! I really liked this episode – much more than the Pilot.

1.03 – Jordan love! Oooh the first hint that Jordan is pregnant! I don’t think it registered at all the first time I watched the show. Simon setting Tom up with the girl! Awwh. Haha they actually made the T shirt!!! Really nice montage at the end there.

1.04 – You know, I might be liking Matt/Harriet more this time around. Matt/Tom talking. Haha. Clever idea for an ep!

1.05 – Wait, what? Now Jordan drinks alcohol? Is it just me or are the sketches in the show not actually funny?! I mean the dialogue of the actual show is a lot funnier than the actual Studio 60 sketch show, right? Jordan imitating the English guy’s accent! Haha! LAUREN GRAHAM!!!!!!!!! Awwh that Matt/Harriet moment at the end.

1.06 – Jordan drinking wine … maybe in episode 3 when you see her hesitate and stop herself from drinking the champagne didn’t mean anything then ….. [“This is, for me, Superman’s dome of pleasure.” “Fortress of solitude?”] LOL. Lauren Graham <3. Matthew Perry/Lauren Graham/Gilmore Girls!!!!! Best scene ever!! Matt trying to explain his job to those girls! Haha! [“I don’t have any friends”] Oh Jordan, I HEART YOU. [“I think if you gave me a chance you’d find me delightful.” “Alright, let’s not go for too much on your first try.”] Tom and his parents! [“I threw the ball into a dumpster. Then I fell into the dumpster. It’s a long story …”]

1.07 – ANNA from Chuck!!!!! The “Jesus Christ” sketch is pretty awesome. Danny/Simon/Jordan scene! Haha! Jack/Chinese guy is hilarious!!! [“Et tu, Daisy?”] Haha. [“You sent assassins?!”] LMAO!!! I definitely didn’t appreciate this episode enough the first time around.

1.08 – [“I’m not white Darius. I’m English.”] LOVE TOM. Matt/Lucy hug! Awwwh! Jack’s speech to the Chinese guy. LOVE. [“You’re the one who started all this!” “I know!!!”] Oh this whole episode (and the previous one) was epic! I miss this show!! [“I’m the one who’s supposed to be protecting you.”] Awwh.

1.09 – Harriet/Jeanie. Hehe. [“I’m Harriet Hayes. The cool people are going to gravitate to me. I could have joined the CIA. They wanted me.”]. Tom/Harriet/Simon. Awwh! Those guys are sweet! [“I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as the internet. It might just be Jeanie telling people stuff.”] Matt/Lucy!!!!! Awwh sweet Danny/Jordan moment. So nice that Jordan, Danny and Cal stayed behind to rewatch the show with Matt instead of going to the wrap party.

1.10 – Haha! Parody of ‘Deal Or No Deal’. Harriet can’t tell a joke! Hehe. [“I’m an AmeriCAN, not an AmeriCAN’T”] “J-Mac” – I love that Jack calls her that! Seriously, that’s like the best thing ever!!! [“Nobody here knows how to operate an umbrella?!”] Harriet still can’t tell the joke!!! JORDAN BEING SO FREAKING AWESOME! Haha! Harriet STILL can’t tell the joke! And she still can’t!!! Yay Corinne Bailey Rae! First ~real~ Danny/Jordan moment. LOVE THESE TWO.

1.11 – DANNY/JORDAN!!! I remember the first time I watched this show, the whole Danny/Jordan thing caught me by surprise and I fell head over heels for them starting with this episode pretty much! Matt/Christmas/snow/palm trees/coconuts ❤ Love how supportive Jack is of Jordan’s news. Cal and the coconut! Matt trying to get Danny to “say it”. Danny hitting the table!!! Everyone picking holes in Christmas. Jack’s “Do you need a menu?” Love how happy Matt is for Danny being in love with Jordan. Danny’s declaration of love! The look on Jordan’s face!

1.12 – Danny/Jordan/phone calls ❤ [“Matt’s there because with Harriet gone for two weeks, it’s like somebody’s moved his food dish.”] I LOVE how she stares at the photo! The first indication that she loves him back!! Love that Danny is also staring at the photo!!! [“This is what I eat whilst I’m waiting for the food.”] Matt/Harriet! Hee! Wilson is pretty epic! Tom asking for Matt’s blessing to ask out Lucy. So sweet. Harriet/Jordan friendship! [“I’m a bi-atch, baby.”] Awwh! Tom/Lucy! Jack trying to speak Mandarin!! LMAO! Suzanne is a great character! Matt/Lucy convo! Awwh! DANNY/JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!

1.13 – Jack helping Tom out of the grape costume!!! Matt that is some seriously bad advice you’re giving Lucy. Cal and the snake-wrangler! Haha! Tom/Lucy!!!! Eww snakes! EPIC DANNY/JORDAN-ness …….

1.14 – EPIC DANNY/JORDAN-ness continues! The whole snake-ferret-coyote storyline ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Molly Price! [“I’ve got the animal kingdom axis of evil down there!”] [“We dropped her. It’s okay.”] [“Where are the executive producers?” “It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they were under the stage as well.”] Matt singing “Say A Little Prayer”. I love that Zhang actually speaks English <3. Great plot line. [“You speak English?” “I speak a few words.” “How many words?” “All of them.”]

1.15 – Jordan/chest area. Haha. Oooh flashbacks!!! Jordan/pillow fleas whaaat! The way Jordan looks at Danny when he starts talking to the baby. Hehe. Tom/Dylan are hilarious. Ahh Matt hallucinating and taking drugs.

1.16 – Joan from Covert Affairs!!!!!!!!!! Matt/Suzanne ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I love their banter. Awwh Danny/Jordan/fake baby <- that whole storyline is hilarious. Love the ending with that sweet Matt/Harriet moment. Man their relationship was like a rollercoaster.

1.17 – Allison Janney!!!!!!! Talking to “Danny”!!! I really don’t remember this episode! LOL Cal to Allison over the earpiece. [“Has Allison Janney lost her mind?”] [“Is it going to be a good show tonight?” “Don’t see how.”] [“I ended up offering you my pants.” “That’s why you’re the best, Allison.”] Tamala Jones from Castle!! [“The German shepherd speaks German?”] Harriet’s impersonation of Allison! LMAO! The number of things that go wrong with Allison’s sketches is hilarious! It’s Math from Life Unexpected!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe they had a whole episode without Danny, Matt or Jordan. I know no-Jordan was probably to accommodate Amanda’s pregnancy but no Danny or Matt? No Danny/Allison Janney interaction? Still, funny episode!

1.18 – Matt/lawyer! Matt/Suzanne talking about him being high ❤ I LOVE their relationship! Mary the lawyer asking Jordan to set her up with Matt! Hee. Jordan verbally kicking Danny’s ass. Gran Bel Fisher! This show introduced me to him, Jenna Fisher hosting!!!!!!!!! Danny/Matt/drugs! The ending of this episode gets me every time. The way Tom smashes the screen, the way Jordan looks at him, the way Danny gets someone to take her to the hospital, the way Danny looks at Lucy, the way Matt and Danny ask each other if they’re okay…. Gah!

1.19 – [“Is he the father?” “No but he wants to be.”] The moment when Matt tells the cast that Jordan is in the ER and Harriet just gets to her knees and starts praying …. Really touching. Danny/Jordan!! Ahhh! So so sweet! Love the flashback and how they deal with the 9/11 / war / George Bush stuff. Jordan wanting to argue with Danny! James Lesure from Las Vegas!!! DANNY/JORDAN WITH ‘HAVE A LITTLE FAITH’ PLAYING!!!! Matt/Harriet arguing about God flashbacks!!! [“We have been having this fight in two different millennia now!”] Matt telling God to show him something is one of my favourite moments as I basically share his views on the whole God thing.

1.20 – [“These are the calming influences”]. Hee! Awwh! Matt was writing a marriage proposal for Danny! That is so sweet! I forgot all about that. Danny/Matt/Harriet in the hospital. LOL. Lucy! Awwh! Haha Matt telling the writers room about the hospital news. [“They’re engaged?! To be married?!” “No, just in a conversation.”] LOVE that exchange!!! I love how in the flashbacks no one can understand how it is going to take weeks to defeat the Taliban and here we are almost ten years later, still fighting the war (well, five years later when Studio 60 was being made but nothing has changed since then). Danny is adorable standing up for his right to see his daughter. I absolutely love how he so doesn’t even care a bit that it’s not his biological daughter. So adorable. Matt wanting to come back to the hospital to be with Danny <3. I love their friendship. [“Harry, you can look all you want but you’re never going to find a guy better than him.”] I never fully appreciated what a useful tool Mary the lawyer was. She starts off just being the lawyer for that discrimination suit, then becomes a potential love interest for Matt, helps with Tom’s brother’s K&R, warns Matt about Danny’s legal right with the baby ….. Simon ❤

1.21 – Jack looking for a drink in Danny’s office! I really didn’t like Jack at first but he is pretty funny and loved him this time around. [“I’m Jewish, I’ve wanted to kill Arabs long before the rest of you!” *AWKWARD SILENCE”] [“How is it that no one’s ever hit you in the head with a potato?” “I duck and weave, baby.”] Love that you can see Simon’s rant on the TV over Danny’s shoulder. I really wanted a cute Danny/Jordan flashback moment right here. I get withdrawal anxieties when they go a whole two episodes without Amanda Peet. I love the way that they interchange the flashbacks with the real time and how they have the whole comedy thing happening with the doctor and the lieutenant even though they are both life/death situations. It was cleverly done. [“I need you.” “Jack, my whole life I’ve been waiting to hear those words from you. Say them again.”] Danny/Harriet in the chapel. Sort of love how just because he needs God’s help, Danny didn’t just change his whole belief system. Mary in sweats!! [“Who are you?”]. Lol. I LOVE that both Matt and Jack are willing to part with millions of dollars with no guarantees for Tom. Love Mary/Matt convo about Jordan dying. Danny praying. Gah, so raw.

1.22 – Harriet sleeping and Danny with his arm over her and then getting up at the sound of Matt’s voice and letting Harry’s head smash on the chair. LOL. [“I’m just going to stay here and have a concussion.” “Okay”] Matt telling Danny about what happens if Jordan dies. =/ [“I said I was calm, Jack. I didn’t say that my spine had become detached from my brain.”] [“Are you in love with him?” “He’s the only one I’ve ever been in love with.”] Danny telling Harriet about Matt writing the show high! Suzanne!!!! DANNY/JORDAN!!!!!!!!!! Love how the first thing she thought of was him adopting the baby and having his surname. [“How did you know I was going to propose?” “I didn’t, I just hoped.” “Since when?” “Remember the first time I met you?” “Yeah.” “Since then.”] Ahhhhh!!!!! I think I just died and went to shippers’ heaven. Jack’s revelation! And then Simon saying he will apologise after 2 whole episodes dedicated to this! LOL! Jack and Simon literally about to start fighting! Heh. Ahh! I cried when Tom spoke to his brother and the cast started clapping. [“Thank you God.” “I heard that.”] LOL! Harriet slapping Matt! [“I’m the one person. Always.”] Kiss! [“Samantha, do you have a problem if I date a cast member?” “Is it me?” “No” “Then no”] LOL! Tom and Lucy holding hands! Lovely cast moment at the end (minus Jordan. Woe). Cal interpreting Lucy’s muffled speech! LOL! [“Hey Matthew, don’t take this the wrong way but I love you.” “Okay.” “Did you take it the wrong way?” “I took it to mean that you’re gay and you want me.” “Good.”]

Oh this show! I wish it had been given more of a chance. I mean, maybe if it had then Season 2 wouldn’t have been as strong as Season 1 and therefore it would have tainted my love for the whole thing (for example in the case of Life Unexpected) but that’s a risk I would have been willing to take. This show was so awesome, with such a strong cast …… *sigh* However, I have to admit that they tied everything up perfectly.  They explained why Matt and Danny left the show the first time, they gave us huge backstory to the whole Matt/Harriet relationship and finally everyone got their happy-ever-after.

I think in my mind, I’m hoping that Mr Sunshine will be some sort of mangled continuation? I mean in the main cast you’ve got 4 people who also starred or guest-starred in Studio 60.  However, I know that that is more of a comedy rather than drama/comedy which is what scares me as comedy isn’t really my thing.  We’ll see …. I’m still looking forward to it!

And finally, I know it’s controversial and you’re all going to hate me but I’ve got to say it: Studio 60 > The West Wing for so many reasons (this a completely biased opinion.  Objectively, there wouldn’t be S60 without TWW so ….).


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