Nikita: 1×12 – Free

I love Maggie Q. This was her response to Lyndsy Fonseca talking about the potential for any of the characters becoming involved with each other, including Michael/Alex. However, Fonseca’s co-star Maggie Q (Nikita) suggested that the potential romance [Michael/Alex] would be “creepy”. “It’s hard for me to think that because [Alex is] so young,” she […]

Criminal Minds: 6×12 – Corazon

My least favourite episode of the season and one of my least favourite episodes ever.  What have I said about episodes based on religion / cults?  I do not like.  Not only do I have no interest in such things but I think trying to explain your serial killing by linking it with a religion […]

Chuck: 4×11 – Chuck Versus The Balcony

Sarah: I’ve been to many places to the world but I’ve never been to a place as beautiful as this. Chuck: I have.  Every day.  Every morning I wake up and I look at you… the way we brush our teeth tandem style, when we watch TV together, whatever, anything, always, any time I look at […]

Rewatch: Burn Notice Season 1

When you can’t remember who the hell the recurring characters are when they pop up again and a little baffled as to the ins and outs of Michael’s burn notice, you know it’s time for a rewatch! 1.01 – Great Pilot! So glad that Fiona lost the dodgy accent though! Lol at the kids Michael […]

Grey's Anatomy: 7×12 – Start Me Up

Grey’s Anatomy, I have put up with a lot of your crappy cringe-inducing story arcs over the years.  A LOT.  Who can forget Alex/Ava or George/Izzie (worst thing is that it happened and didn’t go anywhere) or the absolutely worst one of Izzie/!ghostDenny.  But this one just takes the cake. I am not shocked.  I watched […]

Friday Night Lights: 5×09 – Gut Check

Okay, why isn’t the entire fandom universe exploding with flail about how flipping awesome Jess is?  Seriously.  She’s one of my favourite realistic-yet-totally-awesome characters on TV.  I love how she is the only one who called Vince on all the crap he’s been pulling.  Yes, the team did try and make him see sense and Coach […]

Rewatch: Veronica Mars Season 3

It has been so long since I watched this show I can honestly say the whole thing is like a blur to me. However, what I do remember is that I am the only person in the fandom who prefers Piz (and Piz/Veronica) to Logan (Chris Lowell, I love you). Therefore, I decided just to […]

Parenthood: 2×11 – Damage Control

Has anyone else seen this week’s Parenthood?  I think it was my favourite episode of the series so far and it wasn’t even a ~big~ episode with group family dinners and drama! However, we did have Michael B. Jordan making me swoon, the endearing Julia/Joel/Sydney/dead bird arc, a Sarah/Drew/Amber scene and most importantly, we had […]