Parenthood: 2×11 – Damage Control

Has anyone else seen this week’s Parenthood?  I think it was my favourite episode of the series so far and it wasn’t even a ~big~ episode with group family dinners and drama!

However, we did have Michael B. Jordan making me swoon, the endearing Julia/Joel/Sydney/dead bird arc, a Sarah/Drew/Amber scene and most importantly, we had some Sarah/Julia scenes!  I have been waiting a season an a half for this!!!  My favourite thing about Brothers & Sisters is the Sarah/Kitty relationship and I’ve been dying for some sisterly scenes in Parenthood.  Finally!  Nevertheless, no matter how realistic and believable as the dynamics in the sub-families are, I actually have a hard time believing that Sarah, Julia, Adam and Crosby are brothers and sisters.  I don’t know, I think it’s because the B&S siblings really exaggerate that whole dynamic and behave like they’re squabbling teenagers when they’re around each other whereas in Parenthood, they’re more distant …. which is probably more realistic?  I don’t know, what do I know?  I’m an only child.  Hee.  But ever since it was announced that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are in a relationship (really happy for them!), I can’t even enjoy the brotherly/sisterly Adam/Sarah scenes without thinking about that.

First, I have to say that I have little interest in the Crosby/Jabbar/Jasmine storylines. I don’t mind them and sometimes they’re cute but I think Dax Shepherd has a really funny face and that distracts from everything else.  That last scene where Jabbar was throwing a tantrum was kinda annoying.

Wow, the first episode where I actually liked Craig T.Nelson from start to finish!  I like his relationship with Drew.  Drew is seriously the sweetest teenage boy ever!  I love the whole Sarah/Drew/Amber dynamic.  It’s quite funny because in the first couple episodes of the series, I didn’t really like Amber.  I especially didn’t like the storyline with her having a crush on her teacher/Sarah’s boyfriend (mostly because I hate the whole student/teacher dynamic) but then we got to see that she’s not a “bad girl” and she has some really sweet adorable moments.  Loved the scene in this episode where they’re all in the car and Drew and Amber are talking about this girl who likes Drew and then Sarah tells them about the dangers of alcohol and Amber just touches her shoulder and says “I’ll be careful.”

The most amazing thing about the Julia/Joel/Sydney storyline was how they managed to make it simultaneously heart-wrenching and funny.  Sydney was so cute when she was all worried about Amelia.  When Joel realises the bird’s dead and he’s just like “Well, crap”   ❤ and he and Julia lying about it just being asleep.  Even when they talked to Sydney about death, it started out being quite funny when they lied about Amelia dying just an hour ago and then it got really really sweet!  I love the way they film the show like Friday Night Lights, and how they zoom in at just the right minute to capture the emotion in the actors’ faces etc.  The last scene, though, with just Joel and Julia watching Sydney and they talk about heaven and his Mum and the fact that Julia’s hungover …… ❤  “I like thinking about her in heaven with that STUPID bird …I kind of hate you for that.”  I sometimes think that he’s too sweet a guy for her but am glad that they worked out their problems.

Sarah: I’m gonna have a girls’ night out with my sister.  I mean when was the last time we had a girls’ night out?
Julia: I don’t actually know that we’ve ever had a girls’ night out.
Sarah: C’mon won’t it be fun?
Julia: You’re asking me to hang out with you?  Is that what’s happening?!
Sarah: Do you wanna party like it’s 1999 or what?
Julia: Okay!  That’s kinda my 13 year-old fantasy coming true actually.
Sarah: It is?  Did you think I was so cool?
Julia: Yeah.  We get to hang out with my cool older sister.
Sarah: Well now I think you’re cool and I really need you as a friend.

Heee!  Glad that they finally had a girl talk, even if Zeke had to come in and interrupt them.  It was kind of sweet/awkward how they told each other their problems but they didn’t really have any advice or comfort to give each other.  Like you could tell they definitely weren’t close when they were growing up.

Alex: I’m solid.  I want you guys to know that.  I get that you guys are parents and I understand how crazy this all must sound but you go down the road you go down when you’re younger, you learn what you learn from watching, imitating what you see right in front of you, but when you grow up, you get to make your own choices, choices that are going to define who you are, your morals, what you’ll stand for or what you’ll fall for, who you want to be.  I want to be completely honest with you guys so thank you for letting me be.

I have never been a huge fan of Haddie but I have loved her ever since they brought in Michael B.Jordan as Alex.  I just love their relationship.  I am never much for “bad boys” but he’s reformed and so sweet.  It was the most awkward thing though when the first thing Max says to him is “you’re black” and then goes on about how if he and Haddie had children, they would look just like Jabbar.  I cringed SO MUCH.  Anyway, moving on, I loved everything Alex said over dinner.  And his speech!  He was honest it was refreshing.
Although I am totally on Haddie’s side (I want more Michael B.Jordan on my screen, dammit!  Though realistically I’m guessing he’ll have to be gone by the end of the season?), I can sort of see why Adam and Kristina reacted the way they did.  I only wish that it wasn’t after Alex was so charming.  The most heartbreaking scene though was the end when Alex was all excited to hear what Haddie’s parents thought of him and she had to lie and say that they loved him.  The smile on his face!!!  ❤


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