Rewatch: Veronica Mars Season 3

It has been so long since I watched this show I can honestly say the whole thing is like a blur to me. However, what I do remember is that I am the only person in the fandom who prefers Piz (and Piz/Veronica) to Logan (Chris Lowell, I love you). Therefore, I decided just to rewatch the third season – it was like watching a new show! I can’t believe how much of this I had completely forgotten.

3.01 – Love Veronica’s snarkiness towards the TA! Remixed theme tune!!! Vinnie!!!!!!!! Piz!!!!!!!!!! Mac! I totally can’t remember anything about Keith’s storyline! What did he do for Kendall? [“A Saturn for a Mars.” “In Neptune” “Yeah, the planets really aligned for this one. Now get Uranus moving, the Mercury’s rising.”] Parker! See I can only ever see Julie Gonzalo the actress as the reporter in an early episode of Nikita now. Okay, Logan/Veronica is kind of sweet so far. Man I really can’t remember Keith/Kendall/roadtrip guy’s storyline! Ahh Keith! Logan/Ryan! Noo Parker!

3.02 – Hee! Veronica’s face when the sorority girls started singing!! [“Worst Roman orgy, EVER.”] I sort of remember the whole guards/prisoner exercise though can’t remember how it plays out. Okay, who is this guy? That guy’s brother? Haha! Veronica on the dance floor! [“The 70s had the hustle, the 80s the moonwalk, we have the faux-lesbian dance.”] Rupert Holmes! Hee. Awwh the poor den mother. Dear God Parker that wig is BAD. Logan streaking! No Piz but great episode.

3.03 – Weevil!!!! Love that Veronica got Weevil working for her Dad! I’ve seen that football player in some other shows. Can’t think what though. Moving onto another familiar face, is that Ryan Devlin? Regina Spektor! Okay, I admit it, Logan is much less annoying in this season so far.

3.04 – LOL! Keith/Logan/Veronica dinner. Wallace! You’re back on my screen! Oh no, he’s gone again. Dick!!! Keith/Harmony! Where’s Back-up? Where’s Mac? Where’s Piz? Where’s Weevil? I think where this show went shaky is its inability to use all of its regular cast members regularly. Logan has a brother? Played by Logan from Gilmore Girls. LOL!!! … Ooh who is actually a reporter.

3.05 – Love that Veronica got Weevil in and did her presentation on him. Hee Veronica’s speech about the Dean’s wife’s car. Where’s Piz??? Where’s Mac? Where’s Parker? Cliff!!! Lamb’s robot. Hehe. Pizza guy!

– Ryan Devlin again! [“Did you just make a Jane Austen reference? It’s official the end of days is upon us.”] Piz/Parker! Piz in his bathrobe! Wallace is great! Keith/Harmony! Holy crap! The car crash scared me!

3.07 – Piz/Veronica being roommates! I love them! The sweet but dim girlfriend. Vinnie blackmailing Keith. Vinnie helping Veronica. Wendell!! Hee. Awwh thank God Logan was there. We haven’t seen Mac in ages!!!!

3.08 – Logan being protective. Awwh. [“The sheriff is an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”] Veronica pretending to be the news reporter! Lol. Where’s Mac? Ugh what happened to Chip. LOL at Veronica and Keith breaking in. Veronica’s bodyguard!! Awwh, I did actually really love Logan in this episode. Season 3 Logan is miles better than what I remember him to be like.

3.09 – Piz and Mac! Wow, opening sequence! Awwh Logan’s break-up speech! So sweet. The lunch queue! Their reactions to Piz being all happy and clueless! Poor Dean O’Dell! Veronica begging Mac! Hehe. Piz’s look at Mac when she buys a soda cup! Piz dancing and Wallace watching him! LMAO! I LOVE Mac’s T-shirt! So it WAS Ryan Devlin’s character. When will Veronica ever learn not to drink anything which isn’t out of a bottle?! Parker to the rescue! Noo the Dean!

– [“Just so you know, we are approaching critical pathetic mass if the girl who most wants to host gentlemen callers is the most recent victim of a sexual assault.”] Parker, I love you! Dick that’s disgusting!! [“It’s an ongoing question in the private eye game “how naked are you willing to get for a case?!”]. Veronica rocking out! Hehe! [“I’m saying there’s a saddle, Veronica, and we should be back in it.”] OMG that monkey is SO CUTE. Piz/Veronica!! Aww Piz!!

3.11 – I love Weevil. Great case! Veronica and the hooker search engine scene! LMAO! Keith singing! Hehe. The Keith/Veronica conversation about seeing hookers! Veronica and Keith’s sheriff costume. Haha. This is the funniest episode for awhile. Poor Max!!!

3.12 – I love how in this show minor characters keep popping up again and again. Logan/Madison. That is low, Logan! If I were Veronica, I would definitely have had her car crushed.

3.13 – Wallace!!!! No Piz, Mac or Parker again. That little girl is really annoying. She’s been in some other stuff too. Mario Kart!!!!! Okay so Logan/Heather is really sweet. Awkward elevator ride!!! [“Quit flirting with me old man”]

3.14 – Veronica in jail was hilarious. I love Cliff!!! Oooh the start of Logan/Parker I think. Liked the whole scavenger hunt thing. I’m getting Piz withdrawal symptoms. Lamb!!!!!!!!!! Noooooo!!!!

3.15 – Still no Piz?? I was actually starting to warm to Mindy. Shame. Wallace!!!! [“I’m just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are.”] [“So there’s these DVDs …” “Does he have ‘A Bug’s Life’?”] Hehe. Parker is so sweet. Love that she put her friendship with Veronica before a relationship with Logan. Another epic story arc concluded. There was always something creepy about Tim since the moment we met him in the season premiere.

3.16 – Awwh Logan/Veronica scene was nice. Love that Parker is making Logan be a better person. ~Dramatic~ slow motion scene! Logan/Mac banter in the cafeteria was hilarious. Piz/Wallace/Veronica! Yay! Veronica in the photo development place! Hehe. [“We don’t all really look alike, Mr Mars.”] Veronica drinking Dick’s drink in the elevator! Piz/Veronica!!!! Yay!!!

3.17 – LOVE Wallace/Veronica doing the whole “girl-talk” thing about Piz. PAUL RUDD!!!!!!!!! He looks a bit like an older Cappie in this. LEO!!!!

3.18 – Piz/Veronica! So cute!!! Parker’s parents!! Dick’s Dad!! Apollo and Olympia? Cheesy much?! I loved the way Dick shouted at his father. It’s very rarely that I get to say this but Dick, you rock. Awwh, poor Piz.

3.19 – [“I’m a girl.”] Awwh. Piz/Veronica!! She was really sweet to him. Usually it’s the other way round. Oh, Weevil. Weevil’s message on Veronica’s answer machine! LOL! DIANNA AGRON! She was in that episode before as well. Piz quoting John Mayer “Walk me to work. I’ll show you what the inside of a library looks like.”] Awkward campfire. Nooo Logan! Don’t beat up Piz!!

– I love how loyal Wallace is to Piz and Veronica and how he wanted to “have a conversation” with Logan for beating Piz up. Poor Parker. That’s it, you tell him Veronica! [“After all these years do you not instinctively fear me? Maybe you should write yourself a note.”] Yay Weevil/Veronica friendship. [“It’s a cluster of morons. Don’t worry, they’ll let you back in.”] Veronica singing Daniel Powter “You know, you’re adorable when you surveille.”] They brought Leo back for nothing? [“And what a beautiful day that will be for Mars the family, Neptune the town, Milky Way the galaxy….”] Oh poor Wallace. Lily and Duncan’s father!!! Those paintings are creepy. I’m glad that we got most of the story arcs wrapped up.

I love this season a lot. A huge surprise was the fact that I actually ended up liking Logan a lot more than I remember ……… until he went and did something which reminded me why I don’t like him.  Wallace, Piz, Mac, Parker


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