Friday Night Lights: 5×09 – Gut Check

Okay, why isn’t the entire fandom universe exploding with flail about how flipping awesome Jess is?  Seriously.  She’s one of my favourite realistic-yet-totally-awesome characters on TV.  I love how she is the only one who called Vince on all the crap he’s been pulling.  Yes, the team did try and make him see sense and Coach went about it in a passive aggressive way but Jess is the one who stood there and stood up for herself whilst making him see sense.  You go girl!  You’re too good for him (at this moment in time anyway, I do want them to get their happy-ever-after and I know from the promo for next week’s episode that Vince does get an attitude adjustment and goes back to being the Vince we all know and love).
And the Coach/Jess scene.  I mean it was so simple, nothing happened …. but the way Coach says “you know I’ve got two daughters of my own.  Take all the time you need” ❤ ❤ <3.
But the way Jess sat down with Luke and helped him learn the playbook for the sake of the team?  ❤ ❤ ❤  You know, I wish that Luke/Jess were a ~thing~.

Oh Vince.  I absolutely cannot stand his father.  I cannot emphasise this enough.  Credit to the actor and director though because the way they film it and zoom in on his expressions, you can really feel his anger and contempt for Coach Taylor.  I am so glad that Vince is finally beginning to realise that he isn’t God.  Hats off to his mother for gently getting him to see that his father doesn’t know it all.  That’s one of the first times we’ve actually seen her be a proper mother.

Every time I begin to like Becky, something happens to taint my love.  I think her wanting to work as a waitress at the Landing Strip is a natural, realistic progression given her friendship with Mindy (love how Mindy was against it.  Mindy has really grown into her own this season.  She has turned a minor, slutty, chavvy character into someone who cares and might actually be a decent mother despite appearances) but it doesn’t mean I like it, especially as Tim is back next episode and I do NOT want any Tim/Becky relapse.  However, I am so happy that Becky used the money she earned to buy Luke a present.

Luuuuke!!!!!  I had no idea that he was a senior and Vince was a junior?  I thought they were both the same age.  I LOVE LUKE.  It was great to see him as QB, the way he came to Coach begging him to use Vince, the way he struggled through the game but eventually won it ❤ <3.  It was good for Vince’s character as well as obviously this was perfect to make him see the whole team’s success is not just because of him.  I can understand Luke not wanting his parents to meet Becky but I like how in the end he firmly said she was coming to dinner with them.  “He kissed her!  Did you see that?  He kissed her!”

Tami/Epic … not sure where this storyline is going.  Is that the end of it or will there be more?

Matt/Julie!!!  I loved everything about how their storyline played out this episode.  Matt being super nice to her but then getting her to see sense ….. but then running after the car to let her know that he still wanted to be together and that they would work things out ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

And the promo for next week’s episode when Vince shows up at Coach’s house and tells him not to go and Becky being sweet to Luke ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.


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