Grey's Anatomy: 7×12 – Start Me Up

Grey’s Anatomy, I have put up with a lot of your crappy cringe-inducing story arcs over the years.  A LOT.  Who can forget Alex/Ava or George/Izzie (worst thing is that it happened and didn’t go anywhere) or the absolutely worst one of Izzie/!ghostDenny.  But this one just takes the cake.

I am not shocked.  I watched the whole episode simply waiting for my fears to come true and they stuck it in the final minute, of course they did.  And they set it up so well with Meredith NOT being pregnant and Arizona being nice to Mark and calling him her brother.

I hate this storyline on principle.  The weirdest thing is that I actually see Mark and Callie having a baby together working.  I can picture them raising this sure-to-be-screwed-up child the best they can as friends/whatever their weird relationship is.  However, there is no way you can make me believe that Lexie and Arizona are going to be okay with this.  Everything last season shows that neither of them will ever be okay with this.

I presume Callie’s going to keep it?  I mean we’re going for maximum drama with this aren’t we plus it wouldn’t fit with the whole of last season if she didn’t.  So how far are they going to go with it?  Is she going to have a miscarriage?  Well, they’ve played that card with both Cristina and Meredith already so maybe they’re going for a hat trick?

I cannot be sold on a happy-ever-after scenario on this.  Arizona cannot be okay with this.  Do I picture some possibly cute/hilarious moments with 3/4 people trying to raise this kid, Arizona being left alone with the baby and having to deal with it?  Yes but it’s all superficial.  You can’t get over it.

(Sidenote: I love having Arizona being portrayed as being all awesome and perfect but I have to agree that the whole Africa thing and this episode was really good and giving her character depth and showing how flawed she really is.)

So, yes, I am positive that Callie/Arizona will end up being a Derek/Meredith-like OTP in the longrun but although Derek/Meredith had huge obstacles and DRAMA to overcome, there wasn’t an actual “creation of life by sleeping with my friend” in there.  You’ve lost me, Shonda.

Why do I keep watching this damn show, you ask?  Because infuriating as it is, whenever one godawful storyline starts, there’s usually one in progress that I like.  In this case it’s Teddy/Henry.  I feel like I say this every time I talk about GA but I love Teddy.  I have loved her since her first appearance on the show, I loved her with Owen and I love her now.  This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I loved Kim Raver in the first couple of seasons of Third Watch but now I can see past that and admit that I love her character too.  When I read about this whole Henry/Teddy thing, I did think it was going to be Denny/Izzie 2.0 which I didn’t like but somehow I’m loving Henry/Teddy and I want them to be more than husband/wife and, you know, actually date eventually (but TPTB feel free to drag it out as long as you like!).  I love how she was all businesslike thinking it was all about the paperwork and then realised how wrong she was about it in the episode.  Of course this means that sooner or later TPTB are going to make Teddy do something to make me dislike her (I scrub the Mark/Teddy from my brain).  I’m going to start mentally preparing myself for that now.

Bailey/Nurse ….. I can’t help but see that guy as the creepy psychopathic killer from Lie To Me.  This means I automatically cringe every time he’s in a scene, especially if he’s kissing Bailey.

And incidentally Avery/April.  It’s going to happen, right?  Did you see the smile on his face after she hit him for staring at Alex’s med student (who by the way is played by Amber Stevens who was paired with Avery (aka HOTNESS MONSTER) on Greek!  Reunion!).

I’m copying my LIST into this post too:

Inter-hospital “relationships”  …….because it’s pretty hard to keep up with who has/hasn’t had an “encounter” with each other …..

(Just included main characters / important recurring characters.  Doing this from memory so please point out mistakes/people I forgot)

Alex (6.5)

: Izzie, Syph Nurse, Lexie, Callie, Addison, Ava (did they sleep together?  Still counts anyway), April

Callie (5)

: Alex, George, Mark, Erica, Arizona

Mark (5)

: Addison, Callie, Lexie, Teddy, Reed

George (4)

: Meredith, Callie, Izzie, Syph Nurse

Bailey (3): Husband, Ben, Nurse

Meredith (3)

: Derek, McVet, George,

Dylan (only in my mind)


Derek (3)

: Addison, Meredith, Rose

Izzie: (3)

: Alex, George, Denny

Cristina (2.5)

: Burke, Owen, Jackson

The Chief (2)

: Adele, Ellis Grey

Lexie (2)

: Alex, Mark

Arizona (1)

: Callie

Owen (1)

: Cristina

Teddy (1)

: Mark

Jackson (0.5): Cristina
April (0.5): Alex


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