Rewatch: Burn Notice Season 1

When you can’t remember who the hell the recurring characters are when they pop up again and a little baffled as to the ins and outs of Michael’s burn notice, you know it’s time for a rewatch!

1.01 – Great Pilot! So glad that Fiona lost the dodgy accent though! Lol at the kids Michael gets to lie to the policeman about the FBI guys. Did we ever find out what happened to Lucy? (ETA: Yes). The guy who plays Javier is that guy who held Jane at knife point in the CBI and then got run over and Jane used his corpse to get a confession!!!! Barry!!!! Madeleine’s hypochondria!!! Michael/kid! Michael/FBI guys. Hehe.

1.02 – I loved the Sam/Fiona hating each other angle! LOL at the car blowing up.

1.03 – I remember this episode really well for some reason. I think I’ve rewatched the first half of Season One quite a few times each time I’ve tried to complete a rewatch marathon. Love how he finds and keeps the spark plugs! I found Fiona quite annoying early on but she’s grown on me now.

1.04 – Nate!!! Good episode! Cold-hearted assassin with a peanut allergy? Bit of an Achilles heel there!

1.05 – Another good episode. Love that they use cooking stuff to make fake C4. I love it when Michael has a gun pointing at him and he just starts laughing hysterically. Taking all their weapons? Nice play, Michael! Throwing the guns into the water? WHAAAAT? Awwh I miss the FBI guys! Veronica!!

1.06 – Poor Madeleine. She always gets caught in the crossfire. Ooh mention of Lucy! Virgil/Madeleine! LOL at Fiona hijacking the conversation and making Michael talk about their relationship. That guy was a detective on CSI wasn’t he?

1.07 – Car chase! I wish someone would hand me $10000 over a counter. Veronica/Sam. [“A Cadillac? What could you possibly be doing to these women?!”] Love Michael as the psycho! Loved the way he trapped those thugs in the car. That scene where Michael the Psycho robs Fiona whilst she’s in the car and he’s like “Fi, sell it!” and she starts screaming and punching him? Funniest facial expressions, ever!! Really liked this episode. Nicely played with Bly.

1.08 – Fiona’s snowglobe collection! Barry/Sam’s one name association game. LOL at Fiona trying to make Michael jealous. ❤ Michael buying Fiona the Miami snowglobe.

1.09 – Michael and Fiona pretending to be a normal happy couple! They look so awkward!! [“I was vague. I said I was a freelance superhero, Robin Hood type of guy.”] Nick’s pretty funny. Awwh, cute dog. [“Yellow pages?? Bro, I have a computer.”] Cool rescue. Ahh that bureaucrat! Forgot how this played out.

1.10 – Michael getting his Fake ID – this is where all the episodes start to blur into one. Can’t remember this. LOL when Fiona thinks about running back to get her shoes and then quickly changes her mind when the guy comes out with a shotgun. Lucy DOES return! Yeah, this isn’t ringing any bells. [“The memory box? I don’t remember …I’m kidding!”] Good one, Madeleine! I don’t like the Michael/Evelyn angle. Nice twist! I forgot that the “worried mother” was just all an act.

1.11 – Michael watching Sam eat the fried chicken and Sam watching Michael eat the yoghurt! Lol. Richard Schiff!!! [“This is your family” “Ooh I know”] Nate! Sam trying to hug Fiona! Lol. [“How do you want to handle this?” “Well, I think the ball is in your court.”]. Hehe. Intense Michael/Mum scene. [“He tried to kill you.” “Happens all the time.”] I really don’t remember this episode either. Wow, definitely wasn’t expecting the car to be hit by a grenade, Sam kidnapped and Richard Schiff to get shot! Love Nate/Michael teaming up. Nate’s really grown on me. Awesome car stunt! That’s a super awesome shot of Michael throwing Fiona the gun whilst she’s running. Barry! I am totally gripped! I’ve completely forgotten how they manage to get Sam back. Love the way all the armed agents suddenly backed off. Nicely played Michael. Awesome explosion and rescue op. Love that causeway/bridge thingies they have in Miami!

Wow so many episodes I’d completely forgotten about, it was like watching most of this season for the first time again!  This show is so good!  I mean where it really shines is in its ability to make Michael’s life and all the gun fights and exploding cars seem real and like this could actually be happening to a real person rather than it just being a serialised action film.


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